Thursday, February 21, 2008

angry tired soapbox

I was not really planning on blogging this, probably ever. But some things just push me over the edge, and this is one of them.

Pull the military the HELL OUT OF OKINAWA.

Year after year, there are stories about Japanese Nationals getting raped by either the Marines or the Army men that live there. There is obviously something wrong, and the people of Okinawa are suffering. These asshats are raping girls younger than 16. Its time for this to end. That base should be closed I am so tired and sickened of the whole situation.

that is all, going to bed to stew, now


sybil law said...

So WTF is up with our military doing that kind of shit, anyway?! Yes- get them out, by all means.
But then let's send those fuckers to prison and let them see the "fun" in being overpowered and raped.
Makes me mad, too.

mielikki said...

I get so mad about it that I can't even talk. My Dad was stationed there a long time ago, and it pisses him off, too. We talked this morning. I think the assholes should go to prison in Japan, where I am SURE they would get "special" treatment. Instead, because they are military, they get off easier.

holly said...

i wholeheartedly agree, and leave it at that or i will go all pissy again. and i need to sleep.

there is a special hell for these people. i don't believe in hell, except where these people are concerned.

Daryl said...

Right after they pull them out of Iran and all the other Stans as well

Mimi said...

I agree, very much so. Lord have Mercy.

David in DC said...

Who's Stew?

Was he any good?