Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jump in with both feet, why don't I?

Well, I did it
After months of hemming and hawing
oohing and aaahing
and just generally contemplating what it is I wanted

I bought a new laptop. Well. I ordered one. That is being built and sent to me.

its a Mac.

Yep. I bought a mac. The Macbook Pro, to be exact. With all kinds of bells and whistles and memory and and and and

and I honestly don't remember all it has.

But I looked, I researched a few other lap tops. And I decided, after some discussion with MM and Celtic Rose, to go with a Mac. It should be here sometime. This coming week maybe even.

So if I dissapear, and you hear screams and general hair pulling and the gnashing of teeth coming from the general direction of the republic of Cali?

That's just me, trying to figure everything out.


sybil law said...


CamiKaos said...

congrats... maybe your macbook and my iphone can be friends.

My Own Woman said...

Congrats on the new laptop!

holly said...

oh it is so fun to get new tech stuff. 's'about time for me to upgrade both laptop and pda. but i just can't swing mac-ward.

holly said...

waaaaait! (stupid comment form!) i *meant* to add i hope you have lots of fun with it because i suspect i'd really enjoy a mac.

DaddyKaos said...

You've driven me macmad now, I am working toward getting a new cpu myself, just too tight to spend anything on it yet.

Anonymous said...

I have to have a mac at work to test web sites. It sucks. It really sucks. They couldn't do what the rest of the world does with a keyboard. Try this. Find the delete key on the keyboard. Not hte backspace ... the delete key that deletes the character to the right.

( this will occupy you for hours )


Lori said...

Good for you! You'll be happy to have gotten something without Vista!