Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Jerry to the rescue

So, here I am. In all my Mac glory. Comcast showed (obviously) and at first, things didn't look so good. The person in my doorway filled my ENTIRE doorway. And looked like Pat from the old SNL skits, only taller. And, er, a bit wider. I nervously checked the name badge. Jerry was this fella's name. At least I could determine the gender. But he looked quite feminine in face. Anyhow, I digress.
Jerry peppered me with questions about why in the hell I was doing this through Comcast, when I should be capable of doing it myself. I explained Leonard's debacle of the day before, and Jerry smirked. Yes, my friends, he smirked.
He wasn't smirking a few minutes later. The equipment he brought with him wasn't quite up to snuff, initially. But Jerry, he didn't surrender easily. He called and tweaked and typed. And then, suddenly the magic happened. It came online.
I am still, at the advice of many, though, going to invest in an AirPort. It seems to be the way to go with MAC's. When I get it, I will either figure it out myself (not likely) or, have Leonard's Mac buddy come on over and give me a crash course in Mac. (most likely.)
But for what it's worth. Here I am. On a mac.


CamiKaos said...

hello there Mac... what's your name.

mielikki said...

Anything but Jerry.....
right now it just says "Mielikki's Mac". Another MM....
but she is decidedly a Female. Which is odd because usually my gadgets are male.

sybil law said...

Miss Merry Mac Mac Mac
(I guess?!)

holly said...


sorry, now that whole poem is stuck in my head.

with purple buttons. thanks, syb!

well, presumably the "workhorse" gadgets are male while the "knowledgeable" gadgets are female? no?

wow that's BOUND to get me into hot water.

(backs away not slowly)

Bubblewench said...

Yeah! Mac works!! Go Jerry! I was hoping this would be some Jerry Spring expose when I saw the title.. But the fact you got your Mac running is fantastic!

Celtic Rose said...

From one Mac Lover to another, Welcome. Of course you have met my Mac, MacDuff, that is.

mielikki said...

ok. the official name

Meghan MAC kenzie.
I don't really know why I have to name important gadgets, but I do...

DaddyKaos said...

Way to go jerry and welcome Meghan MAC kenzie. I'm using Ms. Della (really John Hodgeman as seen on TV).