Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've tried the Asian Pears

Yesterday, I was in the grocery store, smelling mangoes and prodding papaya fruit when this little, tiny elderly lady came up next to me. I heard her sigh, as she looked at all the fruit, and she turned towards me and smiled, wistfully. "Look at all these kinds of pears" she said. I looked. There were red pears, Bosc, Asian, Anjou, and, "regular" pears, Bartletts. "I've never had any one of them, but these" she said, pointing towards the Bartletts. "I always wanted to try the different ones... I've never even seen these before" she said, pointing to the red pears.
"Try the asian pears" I encouraged her. "Really, they are my favorite ones, and I have had most of those". She smiled, and started picking up the Asian pears. I helped her get some ripe ones. Her husband looked a little bewildered when she put the foreign looking pears in their cart, but he didn't say anything. She looked happy, and, I would bet they've been married FOREVER, but he probably still thinks of her as his bride, and wants her happy. So he'll eat them. I hope they liked them. I hope she'll try something else new the next time she is in the pear aisle.
Of course, this sweet little lady got me thinking. (I have waaay too much time on my hands to think, sometimes.). Have I tried all the pears? I don't mean literally, either. I don't want to be the little old lady standing there, needing encouragement to try something new. I want to have either tried it, or have the gumption to just do it! I've done many things in my life. Things I don't regret. Yeah, some of them didn't turn out well at all, but some of them? Turned out waaay better than I expected. I want to be the lady that will buy all the pears, chop them up, and make them into pear salad. I plan on being that lady.
So, how about all of you. Have you tried all the pears?


Lia Hollander said...

Why stop at the pears??

Learning how to roast veggies has opened up a whole new world of food to me!

mielikki said...

mmm. roasted veggies sound really good right now. Thanks for the idea!

Bubblewench said...

I'm so all over ALL the pears... learned that one when I lived in NYC years and years ago... too much diversity to NOT try as many as possible.

holly said...

after tonight i'm swearing off any cooking of any type. chop it up and eat it raw is my new motto. i suppose that makes me a vegetarian now.

but you were talking metaphors, yes? i'm totally into trying new "pears" all the time. it's good for the brain! although i can't think of a non-food item i've tried to try.

had froglegs in hungary.

almost had kangaroo in belgium. they were out that night. i'm still counting it because it was *their* fault i couldn't try it.

mielikki said...

Holly- it is their fault. Lately, MM and I have been enjoying Bison burger. Yum. But I was actually using metaphor, as well.

BW-life is meant for all the new things, isn't it? I think we should seek diversity. It makes the world go round.

MM said...

I'm not going to be that little old lady. 1)Because there is too much in life to try, to explore, to learn, if you're not learning, reaching, growing, then you're slowly withering and dying away. and 2) I don't have mommy parts. :)

Don't be a tiny old lady who hasn't experienced the "pears"

Marcus said...

It was all I could do to get my father in law to eat something other than meatloaf and mashed potatoes, turns out he kinda likes nachos and quesadillas... who would have thought?

Mimi said...

Eh, pears are all right.

But metaphorically, it's hard to try all the pears because I know what kinds I like and don't want to go wrong on something that might not be good. :)

DaddyKaos said...

There are more pears than I can imagine so no, I have not nor will I ever really be able to try all of the pears I would love to enjoy.

I will, most likely, be like the little old man and make my little old lady happy by trying the pears she enjoys.

david mcmahon said...

Er, um (nervously) I tried one, but that's just a pear, not a pair.

Can I stick to mangos instead? It's the season here in Australia!!!

sybil law said...

I won't try ALL the pears. I mean - heroin must be really good because people who do it LOVE it, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna go out and shoot up!
But haha - i know what you mean.
I am fairly fearless, so I will try almost anyting.
Minus beans.
I always think of the Godfather II when I think of pears. That cute part where Don Corleone was let go from his job (so the Black Hand's nephew or whatever could work there), and the guy made him take home some pears to his wife. He took them home and left them on that little table like a gift. She loved them.
I love that part.

sybil law said...

Oh and yes I've seen that movie waaay too many times, but I love it!

mielikki said...

mm- you and I have the same view on that. Especially reflected well in your post.

Marcus-quesadilla's and nachos, huh? Excellent way to spice up his life.

Mimi- in can be scary to leave the unfamiliar. But the things we can gain if we do, sometimes!

DK-nothing wrong with being the little old man eating the little old lady's pears.

David- Mangoes are lovely fruit. Is there more than one kind? And a pair would be a different blog alltogether. Perhaps even a different blogsite. Unless its a pair of pears!

Syb-yes, not all pears are meant to be tried. Call that rotten fruit. But you say you will try anything... except beans. What about midgets?

julie said...

Metaphorically, I try to try as many new pears as possible. But sometimes I get in a rut where I forget about the other pears and settle for the ones I already know I like. :)

Lori said...

I'm all about trying new pears. Probably too much and too often. I'm not happy just settling on the same old same old, always need something new going on.

sybil law said...

Evil Mie! Bringing up the midgets!
I can "try" not to kick them
Oh great. Now all the "little people lovers" will hate me
See what you've gone and done?!