Sunday, February 3, 2008


EA-6B Prowler You are an EA-6B. You are sinister, preferring not to get into confrontations, but extract revenge through mind games and technological interference. You also love to make noise and couldn`t care less about pollution.

the link doesn't come out right, so here it is

airplane quiz


Marcus said...

Hmmm, I'm the same plane... but I am not loud and I care about the environment. There must only be like 4 planes to be, cause that one is NOT me ;p

mielikki said...

yeah, probably. I care about the environment, too, but, this is what I got. ..

holly said...

i are a C-5. i are a big lifter, and prefer to stay out of fights. i are plagued with maintenance issues, and thus people call me unflattering names all the time, but nonetheless they`ve found nobody suitable to take my place.

well i don't know that i'm irreplaceable, and i am shocked about the name-calling, but hey, i do successfully avoid fights and like to lift heavy things.

DaddyKaos said...

F/A-22 Raptor

You are an F/A-22. You are technologically inclined, and though you`ve never been tested in combat (not true), your very name is feared (just ask CK).

You like noise, but prefer not to pollute any more than you have to. And you can move with the best.

sybil law said...

F-15 Eagle

You are an F-15. Your record in combat is spotless; you`ve never been defeated. You possess good looks, but are not flashy about it. You prefer to let your reputation do the talking. You are fast, agile, and loud, but reaching the end of your stardom.

I don't know how accurate any of it is, but it was fun!!