Thursday, August 28, 2008

warming a house

Leave it to the Europeans for coming up with the tradition of a house warming. The truth is though, that many cultures have their own variations of a house warming. The original items of a broom to "sweep away evil", and a "pinch" of salt at the entrance of each door to ward off evil and bring good luck, and a slice of bread so the new owners will never go hungry are more or less universal but depending on where you live, other items have their own significance when it comes to a house

For example, give the new home owners a candle so they will always have light, wine so they never go thirsty, olive oil to bring good health, honey so the couple's life will always be sweet and a plant which represents a long life. There's actually a poem - supposedly of Italian origin -- that speaks of several of these traditional items:
Bread so your larder will always be full
Salt to give it savour
Honey for a sweet life in your new home

Here's another version from Germany:

Bread so you'll never go hungry,
Salts so you'll have good luck
Wine so you'll never go thirsty

The whole bread-salt-honey as a house warming motif is linked with many countries. Speak to an Italian and they'll tell you Italy started the tradition of house warming. Talk to a Russian and they insist it was Russia who initiated gifts of bread and salt. Some people are convinced that the concept of "house warming" reflects when visitors brought hot coals or embers to a new house in order to keep it warm and hence the term. At this point in time who exactly stated these house warming trends is a moot point. The fact that the tradition is observed and respected is much more important.

The time has come.
In a few weeks, we are having our housewarming party. Giving people the chance to see where we are living. Very few people have wandered over here to check it out. Celtic Rose and her husband, Clancy, and one of his kids. A few of Mustang Girl's friends have been present, as well. Thats it, really.
So, house warming.
Should be interesting. Food, and MM's really debilitating Margarita's are to be had. We are having a "time capsule", which we have agreed not to open until we pay the house off. I am hoping that by that time, neither one of us is suffering from dementia. I have visions of the two of us sitting over this thing, one day, asking each other Who was that again? Where did all this crap come from?"
Any how. Any of you want to come?
I promise the margarita's are not to be missed....
consider this the official blogworld invitation!


Bubblewench said...

I'll be there. I wish.

Sounds like it will be a good time. Pictures please!

Daryl said...

I'll be there too ... in spirit.

My mom said you put in your new house/apartment before you move in: salt, sugar, and a broom. The salt and sugar are as you put forth and the broom is to sweep out/away any bad spirits that maybe left over from the last occupant.

Cave people started this when they brought fire to the hearth of any new cave dwelling ...

I am that old.


Mimi said...

In the Orthodox tradition, our house is blessed when we move in, and then yearly after Theophany (Epiphany) - it is so lovely to have that blessing.

I will be with you in spirit and thought.

Lori said...

Oh how I'd love to drive right on over.

CamiKaos said...

you know I'd be there if I could... I love margaritas... :) and you guys!

sybil law said...

I wish!
(Now I am pouting.)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sigh, I would so be there if O could. And Daryl#s comment made me snigger. :D Happy House Warming Mie. We had house warming parties when I was little. It was so cool.

holly said...

i am jumping on a plane. hopefully that plane flies to your house.