Saturday, August 23, 2008

Short Story Saturday

****edit**** those of you wandering over from Davids, thanks! And if you go back one week, you will find the beginning of this story. And if you come back next week? Probably you will find the end of this story...

Riff Raff rolled over, squinting through the tent flaps into the sun. He and Janet had been on the road for three glorious weeks on the back of his old Harley.
The only dissatisfaction to his trip grunted and farted in his sleep.
Brad. Janet's mutt of a dog. A Puggle.
"Who the hell wanted one of these, I'll never know" thought Riff Raff, scowling at the dog. Lazily, Brad opened one eye, glaring back at the man with menace. His tongue lolling out of his mouth, he got up, circled four times, then laid back down, his back to the humans. Soon, the dog was snoring again.
Glancing over at Janet, Riff Raff sighed again. "How I am lucky enough to have lured her away I will never know he thought, seeing the morning sun slant off her abundance of red hair, highlighting the freckles that she had, well, everywhere on her body. He often thought of playing connect the dots with her freckles. The only thing that stopped him is that he wasn't sure where to start.
Perhaps feeling his eyes on her, she opened hers, a bright sea green, open to any and all possibilities. Yawning, she stretched her arms over her head, and grinned at the lustful look on his face.
"What time is it? Where are we going today? What's for breakfast?" she asked, getting out of her sleeping back and quickly getting dressed. Sniffing, she turned back to him. "Can we stop at a laundromat today? And find a place where I can shower? I need to wash my hair.
Laughing at her exuberance, Riff Raff got to his feet, and dressed himself.
"Its seven am, today, we are going to Colorado, we have beef jerky for breakfast. My sister lives in Boulder, and we can stop at her place for a shower, the laundry, and probably dinner. Are you satisfied?"
"I didn't know you had a sister" she said, surprised.
"Well, technically, she is my half sister" he amended. His father had never really moved on well after his mother had died, but he had tried, once, to have a relationship with a woman named Barbara Ann. That relationship had resulted in nothing good except his half sister, Judy. He saw her very rarely, but loved her none the less.
Hurredly, they took the tent down, ate their jerky, and Janet loaded Brad into the side car of the Harley. She'd had a special harness made for him that kept him from leaping out. She road on the back of the bike, with her arms around Riff Raff. Today, she was wearing her shirt that read "The Bitch" on the back of it. Riff Raff was wearing it's counter part, which read "If you can read this the bitch fell off". They'd gotten the shirts as they rode through Sturgis, South Dakota. They loved them.
The day was a glorious day for a bike ride, wide open blue skies greeted them, and, as it was a Sunday, the car traffic was not horribly bad, either. Janet entertained herself by studying all the plates of the cars that passed them, attempting to name a celebrity for every set of initials she found on them. Riff Raff simply enjoyed the open road, falling into the road rhythm that he seemed to fall into every time he was on the back of his bike. He had chosen to cross over into Wyoming, then down to Colorado, to his sister's home in Boulder. He hoped that Judy would be glad to see him. He had not called to ask.
Suddenly, from nowhere, the road began to sway and buckle beneath them. Riff Raff lost control of the bike, and then himself. He felt the heat of hot asphalt crawl up his arms and legs, and his last thought, before he lost conciousness was, surprisingly, not for Janet, but for Brad. Because the last thing he saw was the dog fly over his head.
Stunned, Janet lay on her back in the dry grass, staring up at the blue sky.
"What just happened?" she thought, confused. She felt a warm trickle slide down her left temple area, and put her hand up to see what it was. Bringing her hand in front of her face, she was surprised yet again to note the blood on it. Slowly, reality came back to her. Frantically, she tried to sit up, but two hands appeared, out of nowhere, pushing her back down.
"Stay put" a gruff voice commanded her. Meekly, she did as she was told.
"Riff Raff. Brad. The bike?"
"The bike is totalled" intoned the strange voice. Now you hold still"
"Yes sir" she answered, then passed out.


sybil law said...

hurry up!

Daryl said...

Oh .. you torture me ...

I have this sneaky Stephen King feeling ...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh scary and yet cool. Can't wait for the next bit Mie.

Bubblewench said...

you are EVIL I keep telling you taht.... said...

I detect a Stephen King in the making! You've got me hooked!!

Charlene Amsden said...

You have miss-named your post. It should not be, "Short Story Saturday." It should be, "&*#$*@! Part of a Short Story [On] Saturday."

Now I simply must go ask David why he sent me to read part of a short story.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh my gosh! The suspense! I will be back on sat. to read more!
Congrats on making David's post of the week list..... I'm with quilldancer though, why did he send us over to read the middle of a story?! maybe to get us hooked and ensure we would return?

holly said...

must you torture us? don't you like us? don't we have enough uncertainty in this life from 'lost'? i'm sleeping until saturday.