Thursday, August 7, 2008

Could be fun...

My oldest sister was telling me about something they have at her hospital now.
And I have serious envy over it.
No, this isn't a work related blog.

That something is a concierge. For nurses. At their hospital.
This person will actually go run errands for them. Pick up groceries. Dry cleaning. Arrange things for them, as needed. Need gas, didn't have time to stop for it?
Go ask the concierge.
Husband complaining because your out of his favorite coffee? Send out the concierge.
Of course, this option only open during the day time. (The night shift hospital workers frequently get the shaft).

Where I would actually like to have one of these, is here. At home.
I wouldn't even need one every day. Just, maybe, 2 or 3 days a week....
We have plenty of work for one of those.
For instance.
Last night, our concierge could have gone and picked up some car parts for us, so we could have enjoyed a leisurely dinner. On his way, he could have taken MG to her hair appointment.
The concierge could take miscreant puppies out for LONG WALKS.
He or she could go, and get puppy food, cat food, and any other grocery we needed.
The concierge could have, at my insistence, put up my new closet rod, so that a tired MM didn't have to do it at almost 10 o' Clock last night. (after a hasty dinner, car parts, and hair being done).

But, as much fun as it might sound, it would probably get old, after awhile.
So we will just have to continue being our own (and each others) concierge.
Besides. The pay is probably better. :)


Daryl said...

Oh I want one too ... I want one to do all the stuff I have to do for Husband who is home during the day and should get his butt up and do it himself ... but doesnt... he calls me and asks me to pick this or that up on the 'way home' .. er... bud, you're already home ...

Thanks I needed that mini rant (he totally fcuked up his iMac and there will be a toon!)


Lori said...

Oh, how I'd love a concierge at work. I always use my lunch hour running to the bank and post office and drug store. How wonderful would it be for someone else to do that for me so I could actually EAT!

Anonymous said...

So if it's a female concierge and I'm a male nurse and I haven't had (clears throat ) "relations" in a while, will she ughhh, ya know?


mielikki said...

I somehow doubt that. But maybe she'd get your wife flowers and a nice bottle of wine, so that you could come home and be the hero?

holly said...

i SO need a concierge!

oh actually knot has just made me realize i'd really like a pool boy, too.

sybil law said...

Yeah - I think it's fantastic for the nurses at work (who work those crazy long shifts and stuff), and it sounds ideal, but overall - I'll pass. I don't need yet another convenience to make myself lazy! But I admit - some days it would freaking ROCK.

Mimi said...

I think everyone needs a concierge. Or oh wait, maybe just me.

DaddyKaos said...

But she works in Turkey Town (FSU was formerly known as Turkey Tech.) and you in Podunk City. We all know that Podunks never get the good things in life!