Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones

It's pretty well known that MM and I are both Jeep drivers. His other vehicle is a truck. A truck tall enough that I need a milk crate to crawl up in it.
Yesterday, for the first time in probably 8 years, I drove a car.
A 1993 Honda Accord. With a bag of rocks to hold the trunk shut. (crunched back end).
A car we got cheap, because it gets good gas mileage. A car we call "The Hoopty".
I felt so short! So low to the ground! I was feeling like I could shove my feet through the floorboards and run to start it.
I was taking MG's friend, Irish, home, and another thing I had forgotten is that the usual route to take her home, the shorter route, is down this raucous dirt road. A dirt road we go down frequently, (in our Jeeps, that is). It was an interesting ride in this low to the ground Hoopty.
I used to drive "regular" cars. That's all I had really ever driven. I've had a Ford Escort, a Volvo, this ugly grey mini station wagon, and my personal favorite, a looooooong wiiiiiiiiiide YELLOW Ford LTD, circa 1976. I could fit so many people in that car. And it rode so smooth.
But I've gotten so used to being "taller" now in my vehicles. My car before the Jeep was also an SUV, a Saturn VUE. I like the view from "up there". I am used to getting "up" in my car, now. Not lowering myself into it.
I'm spoiled....
I love my Jeep.
BUT. truthfully? The Hoopty was kind of fun to drive...


MM said...

You'd be Betty, because she's hot.

Daryl said...

Sounds like you feel better ... and its nice to have that sort of reality check .. makes you appreciate your regular ride all the more!


Mimi said...

But, if you were Betty your head would fall off as a vitamin.

But, I like our cars. And, Hoopty sounds fun to drive.

DaddyKaos said...

I recently traded my truck (with a step up rail) in for a sedan (Hyundai Sonata) because of the improved gas milage. Nana Kaos still has the SUV because she wants to be on top (she saw an accident on the Carquinez bridge one day and a Toyota was underneath the rear end of an SUV. Ever since then and after her accident in the VW, she has wanted the "taller" vehicle.

holly said...

*why* were you driving this?

sybil law said...

I drive truckasaurus every day, and I am pining for a car again. The truck is FAST, and fun to drive, but I do NOT feel safer in it, and I hate blocking everyone's view behind me. Cause I know how it feels to be stuck behind a shit ton of SUVs and stuff, not being able to see around them, and I can tell you - it sucks!

mielikki said...

Syb-you'd be hating life here then, because everyone has an SUV, I rarely see any cars.
DK- we are considering trading in MM's truck and Jeep. But for a bigger truck... silly us.
Holly- I was driving it because I had not tried it out yet. Now I know. I still maintain it was fun.
Mimi as long as my head only snaps off when I am in vitamin form, it's all good
Daryl I do love my Jeep
MM you say the sweetest things...