Monday, August 25, 2008

Scape dogs

I find myself disquieted about a decision that MM and I were forced to make this weekend.
I know, I have confessed to you all that we were crazy enough to get 3 puppies. So, in a sense, we may have been asking for it, many of you will think.
Puppies bark.
I can deal with it.
Honestly? I feel like most of the time, they are pretty good. They are learning whom they should and should not bark at. We were teaching them that neighbors, in their own yards, are NOT to be barked at. They are smart dogs, and were getting it.
But not fast enough.
Because, after talking with a series of our neighbors, it seems like every time a dog barks in our neighborhood (and there are NUMEROUS dogs)
ours are blamed.
Because we are new. Because they are new. And they are young.
I will admit, sometimes, it IS our dogs.
But many times, it isn' them. It ESPECIALLY isn't them when they are in the house. Especially at night or early morning when they are sleeping in the bathroom off the kitchen. But yet, they get the blame, every stinking time.
So, discussing it/
We spent the money, and got shock collars. And I feel bad. Each time one yips, or gets side ways mid stride to run, barking at the neighbor. I feel bad.
But as I mentioned, they are smart. They learned fast. They are hardly barking at all. And yesterday? I slept really good, without my dog concert.
Now if the NEIGHBORS dog would stop barking.


sybil law said...

Neighbors can be more annoying than dogs, honestly.
That sucks, but you guys have taken measures and now they'll know it's not your dogs who are barking. Still - I mean, I hate when dogs bark bark bark all the time, but to some extent, dogs DO bark, so what the hell? What I mean to say is, people need to get the eff over it and deal with it, or too bad, you know?

Bubblewench said...

I'm sorry you had to do that, but now you're in the clear next time the bitches bitch.

And what Sybil said.

Bubblewench said...

I'm sorry you had to do that, but now you're in the clear next time the bitches bitch.

And what Sybil said.

NanaKaos said...

People assume a lot when it comes to dogs.
once we had a wonderful Rottweiler named Gracie, you met her. There aren't many of them in Counciltucky so when the humane society got a complaint that our dog was running loose they came to my door with a ticket because our dog was running loose.
"When was she supposed to be running loose?" "This morning around 9:00."
"At 9:00 this morning she was in bed with me so I'm sure it wasn't her."
After a phone call to the "Boss" all was straightened out.
We were responsible dog owners, especially with a dog that powerful,but people do assume.It wasn't even a neighbor,just in our area, I guess nobody else had a Rottie registered..

Daryl said...

Personally I think your neighbors are the ones who need the no-bark collars.

Puppies .. people they are puppies .. I am sure no one has had a puppy who was quiet .. but then I am also sure the neighbors all forget what they went through and its so easy to blame the newbies.

And what Sybil said.


Jo Beaufoix said...

They always blame the newbies don't they? But you have dealt with it. I mean, dogs bark, and as log as it's not constant or through the night what's the problem? Tsk.

holly said...

i'm with daryl here. collar the neighbours.

i lived with dogs all my life, and yes, they are annoying when they bark. but if someone put a collar on me every time they didn't want to hear what i had to say, i'd have a very silent life.

my question is this : what happens when you *need* them to bark? *we* never had problems with burglars...

yeah, we have had neighbours with barking dogs, and have been the neighbours who had the barking dogs. but (and maybe it's because we lived in wyoming, i don't know) no one suggested getting them de-barked. it's -what- -dogs- -do-

i have been not at all helpful or supportive, have i. dang. i'll have another cuppa tea and try again.