Saturday, August 9, 2008

Short Story Saturday

Angus' eyes widened in horror when the coach he was riding in started going at a speed no horse back at home could even dream of going. Gripping the cushions around him, he stared in fascination at the world that was going past his eyes through the windows around him. He yelped in surprise when the window in front of him started moving downward, revealing the smiling face of a woman.
"There is Guinness in the wet bar, as you usually request, Angus. Would you like me to stop somewhere so you can get a bite to eat?"
"Er, well. Em, is there a place where you can find me a Haggis?" he answered, still petrified at the speed they were going, and somehow sure that this woman had something to do with it.
"Haggis? Disgusting. You have been in Scotland too long, this trip. I was thinking of something more along the lines of In n Out burger"
"Burger?" parroted back Angus, unsure of what she meant.
"Good choice" said Daryl, closing the window back up between them. Angus, still in shock. leaned back into the seat, and awaited his next adventure.
Soon, a paper bag was handed back to him through the window. "I took the liberty of ordering your usual" said Daryl. "We will be back at your place, shortly".
"Good" he said, his mouth already full of the french fries that had been on the top of the bag". "How are these made?" he asked her, licking his fingers.
"They are french fries, Angus. So they are deep fried. You know that. Are you sure I should not take you to your doctor?"
"Nay. No doctor, just home. Please."
"Well, alright. But eat your burger" she instructed, doubtfully.
He did eat his burger, and all the fries. He thought they were heaven. However, he did not care for the sweet, sticky drink that came in the large, garish cup. Instead, he opened one of the bottles of Guinness Daryl had indicated were in the "mini bar". He rather enjoyed that beverage. Before long, they were pulling up in front of a large building, and Daryl was opening the door for him.
"There you go, home, sweet home" she said, and gave him a gentle push in the direction of the door. Before he could open it, it flew open and two little red headed freckled boys ran out the door to him
"Dad! Dad! You're home! Did you bring us anything?"
Angus did what any grown man would do at this point. He fainted.
Blearily blinking to refocus his eyes, Angus was happy to see trees over his head. Until a strange, yet beautiful woman leaned into his view.
"Angus, honey? are you alright?" she asked concern shining in her brown eyes. He noted her dark red hair, and easy smile. A name slowly came into his head. "Rhoslyn, right?" he asked her
"Of course, silly. Rhoslyn. Your wife".
"My wife". The thought echoed through his head, and he very nearly passed out again. Taking a few deep breaths, he regained his feet, only to have the two boys attach themselves to his legs. "Geordie, and Liam" he thought to himself. "My sons". Walking with them towards the house, he did his best to smile and laugh as different memories assaulted him at every moment. "Missy" the dog, "there is the tree we planted last year" "over there is where we buried the goldfish when the boys were 2". As he tried to hold onto the memories of home, of Scotland, the fresh trees, the highlands, he felt it, slipping away.... slowly replaced by the world that surrounded him.
By the time he got to the door, he had forgotten completely.
And somewhere, in the wilds of Scotland, a wolf howled mournfully, and a door, in an inn, glowed for a moment, then disappeared....


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all I can say is... you need to watch Dr. Who... this comment will make sense once you've watched season 4

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