Thursday, August 21, 2008

I suppose, if the money was right...

I find blog fodder in the stupidest places sometimes.
I like to read during my lunch break at work. My book tonight? In the Jeep. Me? Too lazy to go fetch it.
Which meant I had to forage the nurses lounge for reading materials.
I found:
a magazine geared towards injured veterans, with a great article about combat nurses. (but I think we are all combat nurses, sometimes. But these folks were stellar)
A Time magazine, from which I borrowed an article with a woman in it I want to use as my Mieography this friday, (she too, is stellar, you will see)
and a catalogue.
Not just any old catalogue, but one with all kinds of medical-ish gear for sale in it. Called, if you can fathom it, "Functional Solutions".
Like, oh. Fancy pedometers, glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, support hose. Pill cutters, and crushers, and all kinds of stuff that would hopefully ease the lives of our disabled friends near and far. A veritable cournicopia of items. And people modeling said items.
Where I sat back and giggled, though, was at the old lady modeling, of all things, the bed side commode selections.
For those unfortunate souls who cannot, for any reason, make it to, or use, the regular toilet.
The variety was wide, and astounding. Raised seats, seats that would raise you. The wider model for the wider models.
Would you consider having your picture taken with a bed side commode? She was fully clothed (thank goodness).
It's not like they showed her wearing it. She's in an ice blue nightgown, with matching slippers, none the less. And she had the most gamine smile on her little face. Like it's alright, this bed side commode modeling stuff. Click here if you don't believe me. Or even if you do and you want to admire her blue, fuzzy slippers.
And check out the price of that baby! $249.95! It even has a splash guard and a removable back rest. Awesome, isn't it?


Daryl said...

I was trying to channel Holly here and come up with something funny, clever and pertinent.

I cant.

But I wonder who decided $249.95 rather than an honest $250 or $248 or even $251 ... I know its all about shipping & taxes ...

And of course you must add in the cost of the caregiving who will help you down/up .... and wipe ...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Well doesn't she look lovely? You'd think they'd have put her in a dressing gown though. It's like Granny porn. :D

sybil law said...

Well, we have to watch commercials about douches and erectile dysfunction, so really - modeling toilets isn't any worse!!
But she did look funny. Where's her granny hose?!

holly said...

this was not the first take.

they had to do 15 shots of her looking like she's about to poop or HAS JUST pooped.

one of the times, she actually had to poop. it wasn't pretty, or nice smelling.

Daryl said...

see! funny, clever and pertinent.. my mistake was not typing in lower case ...


Bubblewench said...

I don't even bother after Holly has commented.. freakin insanity!