Thursday, July 10, 2008

things found and delivered

So there I was, sluggishly going through boxes in 100 degree weather yesterday. Specifically, a MM box full of papers. (Exciting stuff, right?) When this guy popped out.

cute, isn't he? I love gargoyles, and I had never seen this one hanging out at MM's house before. Turns out, the poor guy had been living in his box for quite awhile, just waiting patiently for the right person to find him, and let him come out to play. So I did.

so, now he is hanging out on our fireplace. Guarding, of all things, the candle I brought back from THE Notre Dame, in Paris. I thought it only right.
Turns out, somewhere, in MM's other boxes, are 2 more of his kind, in pewter. Making unpacking, for me, now, a treasure hunt! I must liberate the poor gargoyles from their purgatory of MM's boxes! It will give me something to do until next Wednesday when MM comes home from his trip....

AND (and and and and)
Daryl Claus came to visit. She sent me 2 wonderfully rusty er, I mean, rustic, pictures of an old truck in Napa. A picture I had admired when she put it up on her blog. She didn't like the closer up view of her shot, so sent me a full body shot of the truck as well. I love them BOTH and so they got quickly framed, and put up right in the entryway, where all who come visit can stop, and admire them. MM loves them as well, and spent considerable time yesterday standing there admiring the rusty truck. They are a hit!

So, cross your fingers that I find MM's gargoyles, and free them soon. And thank you so much Daryl Claus!


Daryl said...

I love how they look ... I am hanging in someone's home (other than my own!).. I am really truly excited.

I LOVE the orange door .. love love love it

And J'adore the gargoyle ...

I wish you all a long and happy life in your new-to-you home!


sybil law said...

The house is coming along quite nicely!!
I love the truck pics. LOVE them! They look great!

mielikki said...

the door does look orange, doesn't it? Funny, I never really realized. To me, it is just a nice, wood door...

holly said...

i LOVE gargoyles!!!

and daryl claus rocks. the truck pics are awesome!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love the gargoyle too, and Daryl's prints are so cool.