Saturday, July 26, 2008

Short Story Saturday

Angus tripped through the bracken, swearing under his breath at the circumstance he found himself in. His kilt catching on a bramble barely slowed him down as he moved through the hills of Inverness. He'd been enjoying his bedsport with Seana, until her husband came home, that was. She'd married the wrong man, and she knew it well. Unfortunately, her husband was a large blacksmith with a heavy hammer, and hot on Angus' heels.
Looking over his shoulder, he quickened his pace, hoping he could outrun the man. In the dark of night, he saw a wee speck of light, and aimed for it. Sooner than he thought possible he was at the source of light. Squinting, he read the sign
"Ye olde Tyme Travel Inn".
MMMph, he said, wondering, if there was a hidey hole for him here. Hearing the bark of a dog, and the crunch of footsteps, he decided there was. Hurrying, he ran in, past the startled innkeeper, through the tavern, and up the stairs. Frantically, he tried the doorknobs to every room. No luck, until he reached the end of the hallway, and found a door marked curiously. Stopping briefly, he examined the marking. It was a box of some sort, with an apple carved in it. Curious about it, but lacking the time to consider it, he ran through the door, and straight into confusion.
Katie started at the loud noise she heard coming out of her boss' office. She'd only been working at the MacTavish firm for a few weeks, and she had yet to meet the man who was her boss. She'd been typing memo's and letters for him since her arrival. She was not aware that he was in the office today, which is why the noise had startled her so. Tentatively, she approached his door, and knocked softly. The door swung open, and she gasped in surprise at what she saw inside. Sprawled across the desk was a tall, red headed man, in a kilt. At her startled squeak, his head turned towards her, his blue eyes looking dazed and confused.
"He's gorgeous" she thought, bemused at the sight of him, on top of his desk.
"I am Katie" she said, bustling over to him, "your secretary. Is there anything I can assist you with, Mr. MacTavish?"
"How does she ken my name?" thought Angus, his vision starting to clear. Looking around him, he was startled to notice he was laying on top of a table, with various writing implements strewn around him, and another one of those mysterious boxes with an apple carved onto it. Standing in front of him was a female, one of the prettiest he'd ever seen. Raven black hair, big green eyes. He also noted her well shaped body, and, to his embarrassment, his kilt rose of its own accord. Softly swearing, he rolled off the desk in one fluid movement, and stood behind it. Tall as he was, though, it didn't help. Abruptly, he sat down in the chair. Frowning, he pushed a few of the buttons on the box, and watched it spring to life.
Wonder flowed across his face as he saw what the box could do. Tearing his gaze away from it, he looked at the woman. "Katie" he said softly. "How did I get here, lass?"
"Well, I am assuming you flew, Mr. MacTavish" she answered, wondering what, exactly, was wrong with her new boss.
"I flew?" he asked, eyes wide in shock. In his mind, he had a vision of himself, with wings, flying to wherever it was he'd landed.
"I should be more tired then" he said.
Katie laughed, nervously, sure her new boss was joking with her. "Good one, Mr. MacTavish" she said.
"Call me Angus" he said, uncomfortable with her calling him Master. (At least that's what he thought she was saying).
"Tell me again, lass, just who are ye to me?" he asked her, confused.
"Your secretary" she answered patiently, sure that he was experiencing jet lag. "Did you just come back from Scotland? Your accent is very nice".
"My accent?" he thought. Then he said "Wait, am I not still IN Scotland?" Where am I?"
"You're in America. San Jose, California, to be exact" she said. "Should I call your doctor? Have you hit your head?"
Nay, dinna call for anyone" he answered rubbing his temples. I have nay hit my head. I am just weary, and I would like to go home."
"Of course. I will call for your car" she said, backing out of the office. Angus watched in curiosity as she picked up a black, tiny square, and spoke into it. "Who is she talking to?" he wondered, watching as she put the thing down, and came back to him. "Your car will wait for you out front" she reported. Mechanically, he stood up, and smoothed his kilt down. Walking out the door, he found himself in yet a bigger room.
"Erm, could ye take me to what you mean?" he asked her, worried.
"Of course" she said.
Wondering what sort of crazy her boss was, Katie walked him to the waiting limo that she'd been told always took him through town. The driver, Daryl stepped out and smiled a bright smile.
"How are you today, Mr. Angus?" she said.
"He isn't quite himself today......" answered Katie.
To Be Continued, because, frankly, I don't know what is going to happen yet myself.....


sybil law said...

Yay! I like the continuances...

Daryl said...

I am loving this one .. do I. er does Daryl drive well? ..

I am home .. and I am trying to catch up .. I missed you ... I will raise my glass of Malbec to you tonite .. have you had the La Posta Malbec? The one we had in Nawlins was amazing is the only red wine that likes me!


holly said...

oh yeah! i think daryl is probably an AWEsome driver. even though she probably never uses the word awesome.

i'm positive it will come to you. i can't wait, although i have to.