Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sneaky Men and buried treasure

I know it is Wednesday, but I bombarded you with pictures yesterday. So today you suffer with my words.
I was sleeping pretty hard yesterday, early afternoon. Work had suuuuuuckeeeeeed the night before. My three cats have, in their desire to make me crazy, learned a new trick. They have learned that by pushing, somewhat hard, against the bedroom door, they can open it, and have free reign of the cat free zone. (New doorknob coming SOON. We needed to install one with a lock, anyhow. AHEM.) In that fugue that is half sleep, irritation at a full bladder, and the denial that I have to get up to deal with it, I hear the door, slowly open. Damnit. "No" I growl, rather loudly, and swing myself to the side of the bed to boot a furry black arse OUT of the cat free zone. Wasn't furry. (much) or black. It was MM. Home. Early. "Oh" I squeak, before he is next to me, kissing me. *Happy*.
The bugger had been in the house for at least 10 minutes, though, being quiet, as I needed to sleep for another nights work. His diabolical plan had been to sneak out again and go run an errand. Except, the papers he needed were in the bedroom. Caught. Ha ha. Much as I tried, after that I couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up.
The treasure, now, was something I didn't want to blog, yet, because, MM frequently frequents my blog. I wanted so to surprise him. To see the look on his face.
A few treasures I have told him, or talked about. The gargoyles. (Holly, pictures coming, I promise). I discovered the rest of them. They are happy to be free. Along with some small, jeweled pewter wizards, dragons and castles I found.
One of my favorite treasures was MM's mom's cook book. I spent quite a bit of time looking through it. It's one of those old, Betty Crocker ones that is very well loved. With hand written recipes falling out everywhere. Heaven, I tell you. I told him, over the phone, that I had found that gem. He was pleased.
What I found, what excited me the most, was that I found his Dad's Navy portraits. The old kind, black and white, one with just that touch of color... Perfect, for over in the hallway/alcove with the old recruiting posters. There were 2 of them. Quicker than quick, I had them framed. I also have MY Dad's Navy portrait. They are now buddies, in the hallway.
And we have a table, built by the MM father. Iron work, wood, abalone. It is a beautiful little table. So one portrait rests on there.
I so wanted to tell him what I found. But more? I wanted to see the look on his face when he came in Wednesday night, and saw his Dad. But he snuck in, while I was sleeping. I missed it. He offered a re-enactment. But I missed the moment.
So I ask him if he noticed. He did, indeed. And is happy to see his handsome father, gracing our walls.
Then he tells me. Somewhere, in the boxes I have not gone into, is his Mom.
More treasure to be found, framed, and displayed. I can't wait.


Lori said...

You guys are too cute! How cool is it that he has all these little treasures!

sybil law said...

What about YOUR Navy portrait?!
That's really cool. The family wall is coming together!

mielikki said...

Lori- the treasure hunt has been really rather fun...

Syb- my Navy portrait is MUCH better off gone. Never to grace any wall. It was HIDEOUS. But, my Shellback certificate, and dog tag is over there keeping them company...

Daryl said...

What fun .. it makes unpacking an adventure not a chore!

I love how its looking ...


holly said...

wow! the house is just going to be amazing!

come do mine next. it's a crapheap.

....I MEAN IT needs some attention...that's all...yeah...