Thursday, July 24, 2008

And they call it....

Puppy Love

Or is it Insanity?
I am going with Insanity.

Last night, we went out, into the Wilds of a teeny tiny town near to us in Nirvana City, to look at puppies. Whippet/Aussie Shepard mixes.
What ended up happening is epic to our now expanded household.
Instead of US choosing dogs
Dogs chose us.

It started out with "Cheese". Yes, his name is Cheese. He came to us, immediately, realized Mustang Girl was the be all and end all, and showed us what a sweet boy he was. I think we knew pretty quick that we would be taking Cheese home with us.
But Cheese. He has a special friend. His puppy buddy. And I thought she was so beautiful. The dog breeder lady was calling her Chocolate. I had to have her. If she and Cheese are buddies, then, they are a natural choice.... We wanted two dogs, so they'd have company with us gone. So.
then, there was Potter. She WANTED to come too. She DEMANDED to come, too.
And, smart girl she is, she stole Mustang Man's heart. Very quietly I hear him say to me "Maybe we could bring three home".
I just laughed. So we EACH now have a dog.
3 cats
3 dogs
3 humans
recipe for disaster.
But the dogs are doing so very well. They were put in a bathroom last night, and did not pee or poop in there at all. They took care of business, and have had a puppy party out in the yard this morning. MG and I just shook our heads, and laughed.
So, here are some pictures. I will post more, and better ones, I am sure, once they decide to hold still!

The Queen is not Amused- Audrey parked herself here, and stood her ground. The pups are still afraid of her....

Potter and Mocha- This is the only pic I could catch of Potter. Her full name? Lillian (Lily) Potter. She was born with a lightning bolt on her neck. Now covered in fur. She is with Mocha in this picture....

Chuck. E Cheese
This is the famous Cheese. The boy of the mix (Potter and Mocha are girls). He has a very strong personality, and likes to investigate everything

Mocha Frappucino- Mocha, or "Mo" for short. This is my girl. She is the most timid of the three, likes to sit back and watch the other two do the dirty work. My kind of dog....


Bubblewench said...

And people call me crazy with 5 cats...

Not anymore!


oh, did I mention.. PUPPIES! So damn cute.. puppies! I love puppies.

Lori said...

Yeah insanity! But, good insanity. How fun! But, with all the herding genes, watch out. They'll have you guys surrounded all the time!

mielikki said...

Lori- surprisingly, they don't herd. They are being very good dogs. Besides, we don't have any little kids for them to torment, MG is 13 and big enough to survive their play.

BW- well we have to do everything in 3's here, just to keep things even. No more animals, though, on that I am SURE

sybil law said...

Oh they are awesome!!!!!
I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daryl said...

I am SO jealous ... sooooo lusting for another pet .. Husband sez 2 is enuf ... sigh .. but I am working on him ..

I am so happy for all of you!


holly said...

well it's about damned time this blogoverse got puppied up. jeeeeeeez i thought i was going to have to go get my own dog for a minute.

although i ain't up to cleaning up poop, so i admire them from afar.

i love love love love your dogs. when i come visit we will have such a fun time.

you know when i reread that it just sounds wrong.