Saturday, July 26, 2008


My sweet girl, Mocha, was resting at my feet this morning. Appeared to be sleeping. Occasionally, I was getting kisses on my feet.
Except she wasn't sleeping.
She was chewing the power cord to my Mac in half.
Damn it.
So, Until I get another one, probably Monday if the internet gods are kind to me, I will be MIA. I only have 31% of my battery left.....

Mo just had the unmitigated gall to chew through MM's connection wire for his desktop as well. So when my 20 % battery is finished, so are we. Until MM goes to work and gets another wire, and my Fed-ex arrival of my battery charger.
Grrr. Chewy puppies.......


sybil law said...

oh god i hate to laugh because that really sucks but still!

holly said...

so she's *not* the one to sit back and let the others do the dirty work?

dang at this rate you'll only have books to read for your life.

or...a puppy in a cage...

mielikki said...

had me fooled, didn't she? This is the only thing she does. Chew. And leaving my cord out, and not watching was my own damn fault.
If she chews another, though, I may well tie her muzzle shut with it.
(I won't really but it sounds good)

Bubblewench said...

Gotta love puppies!

Daryl said...

Oh .. Rosie tried that the other day .. I pointed out that there is NO nutritional anything in wires and if she insists on doing this I will not share my tuna with her .. I think it worked

Meanwhile my CD/DVD player/burner dropped dead .. so Merde (my aptly named MacBookPro) is in Apple Hospital .. and I am sure even if they fix him ASAP it will be a week til he's home.




Bad MacBookPro