Thursday, July 31, 2008

I was tagged, the other day, by none other than Ms. Jo Beaufoix. Its a lovely tag. A creative tag. I am to come up with six interesting facts about pygmy elk.
She could not have tagged a better girl. For I am well versed in the pygmy elk. I was raised with them. That is a little known fact. Aunt Tuna was a great fan of the pygmy elk, and if you didn't look where you were going in our house, you'd probably end up with an elk antler shoved up your arse.
They even shared my baths with me. Which leads me to my first fun fact.

1. Pygmy elk Love love love baths. With Mr. Bubbles bath soap in them. It has to be Mr. Bubbles. Calgon takes them away.
I discovered that Calgon thing the hard way one Sunday evening, when my favorite pygmy elk, Rainbow, went down the drain with the Calgon.

another fact?
2. Pygmy elk hate peas. Which made it very difficult for me to sneak them my peas at the dinner table. Matter of fact, they used to make me eat THEIR peas. My least favorite pygmy elk, Bilbo, did this frequently. I won't eat a pea to this day.

on to fact #3.
Pygmy elk like to play dress up. The fancier the dress, the better. We once had a pygmy elk, Fiona, who used to not go out the door each day until we put her in her kilt and tam. She just wasn't happy until that happened.

4. Pygmy elk use kleenex when they sneeze. And its a good thing, or we could all catch the dreaded disease pygmy elkitis. Little known fact? I used to have another sister, lets call her, uh, maisie. Maisie got sprayed with elk snot, and she was dead, 2 days later. But we couldn't tell the authorities, or they would have taken away our elk.

5. Their favorite sports team are the Mighty Ducks. Yes, they watch Hockey. Incessantly. Just ask Gretzky. He has pygmy elks of his own.

and lastly

6. Pygmy elks hog the bed your trying to share with them. It's an antler thing.

So there you go. 6 Facts about Pygmy elk. Don't say I never taught you anything. Now, if I followed rules (which I generally DON'T)
I'd tag 6 others. I am not going to do so. If you want to play, then I will follow Jo's fine example and ask you to give me six facts about....

towering giant ferrets.
yeah. thats it.

Oh, and as a bonus, here is a pygmy elk fact from MM.
They are afraid of falling leaves. They view them as predators...


Daryl said...

TOOO funny .. ouch, damn that Pygmy Elk stuck me in the side


PS ... BTW .. Husband thought the poem came in/with the card ... sigh... when I explained I loved that poem he said oh well its nice ... I knew in my heart of hearts he wasnt going to 'get' it... bless him ...

sybil law said...

I always heard that pygmy elk liked gouda cheese, too. Is that true?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh I knew you'd know stuff about the elks Mie. Heh heh, I loved this. I'm at my Auntie's stealing a minute on her laptop to do a quick post for tomorrow and I had to peep when I saw you'd posted. You are wicked Mie. Mwah.

holly said...

i loved this! i laughed heartily. this info came NONE to soon, mie, as i was planning on sharing a bed with a pygmy elk this weekend. thanks!

Bubblewench said...

I always had a feeling you were a pygmy elk expert. Now I know it's true!