Tuesday, July 22, 2008

some things never go out of style...

David, over at authorblog, poses a very interesting weekend wandering. He wants to know if I have clothing that is over a year old.
I just moved. And packing? Was painful. I am sure all of you, especially those of you who Twitter, were sick of reading my whiny tweets about packing. Hell I was sick of my whiny packing tweets. Though we now own a house, I now also share a closet. No big deal. I can share. And I am not a clothes horse. I do have lots of nursing uniforms, because I hate wearing the same thing all the time to work.
But, what I do have, in my collection, (not in my closet, however, no room)are clothing items from my past.
I still have my highschool letter jacket. Granted, my letter is from band. But I have one. My jacket, in it's red and gold glory. I wore it all winter my senior year. It is still in good condition.
I have my Navy Peacoat. The long one.
I don't wear it. It's too small now. But I like to look at it. I also have one each of my Navy uniforms, a whites, a blues, and a dungaree one. Oh, the memories.
I have the ugly pink dress from my brief foray as a "pink lady" volunteer, before nursing school. (I had to see if I could handle being in a hospital that long). I think I even have one of my old nursing student dentist blue smocks. I also have one of the sweatshirts my Grandfather frequently wore after he had his strokes. It is a "Sweden" one. He was so proud of his swedish heritage.
So I have many things over a year old. And I am sure I will have them a very long time.


sybil law said...

wow. i totally have clothes well over a year old. like, my 6 or so little black dresses that will never go out of style. my old jeans. wait - who doesn't have clothes over a year old?!

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for taking part. I hope you never give them away, especially your grandfather's sweatshirt.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Blimey, I have tons of old stuff. Your grandad's jumper must be kind of special though.

holly said...

i have my letter jacket too! most of my stuff is from band or golf!

i think it will be huge on me now!


i wish i still had my navy jacket though. it was cool.

sometimes, when you're moving, ya gots to pick and choose.