Monday, July 7, 2008

ahh Monday

And I have a few observations...

You will all be glad to know that though I was not tagged for the UU, I still went ahead and asked MM to name 3 things. He named about 20 in less than a minute. However, one of them was having a "sarcastic mean streak a mile wide...."
chirp chirp chirp
but he is completely correct, I can have one of those, especially with people who are hypocritical. And he did say it was with hypocritical people. So it's all good.
Plus we were eating really excellent sushi at the time.

Another observation? If you are at a restaurant, where people are kind of snugly placed at tables, please, do not sit there, and drink a goodly amount of liquor, and air all your adult children's dirty laundry. These 2 couples sitting next to us were totally bagging on their kids. Therapy, divorce, everything. Totally threw them under the bus. Not cool. But, they also threw themselves under the bus, too, by discussing how pregnant the wife was when they were married (and they were married in the early 50's). Enjoyable dinner conversation, eh?

And lastly, what is up with these specialty mail boxes? Tractors, Large mouth fish, pigs, dogs painted on them. Just to name a few. Why must we subject others to these things? I mean, I could go out, and paint my mailbox with a large phallus and hang some large metal balls off it, do you think the people on my street would like to see that? (Not sure how MM would feel about it either. I guess he could paint a vagina on the other side, or boobs...).

Obviously my brain is still kind of mush...

Oh, and before I forget! Sign ups now starting for the drunken Portland Postcards from Cami and I. Last year's were very interesting... don't miss out


holly said...

oh my heavens yes i'd like one. will there be much profanity on them? ;)

right, i'll just go now and adjust my mailbox. it's british, so it's actually an opening in my front door, but it is painted like an oriface... i'll not say which kind.

i'm glad MM did so well with the UU. :)
and sarcasm directed at hypocrits is a good thing.

Bubblewench said...

I want two this year...

i like the phallus/balls mailbox...

sybil law said...

haha holly's mailbox!!!
i think yours would be cute, all phallused up!
you should've turned to those people and said, "OMG! i know your daughter!" and seen the look on their face. what a-holes!
hope you have a good day!

Lori said...

I want a postcard only if it has much profanity on it!

I agree on the mailboxes. Our HOA requires a specific black mailbox, thank god!

Daryl said...

Signing up for postcards ...

And I detest those mailboxes .. do you think those who own them ever wonder why kids slam them with bats as they drive by?

OTOH I have a totally NYC mailbox .. a thing in the wall in the vestabule (sp?) ... into which the mailperson JAMS all the mail often mucking up the bigger things ... like magazines .. which sometimes appear to have been read already ...sheesh

Oh and I love MM's reply to the UU .. I was expecting Husband to say I was snarky ... or bitchy .. both of which he had said in the past.


Jamie said...

I'd love a postcard!

You just made me really glad that our neighborhood has those locked mailboxes on the corner setup. (Although I did laugh at the phallus idea.)