Sunday, July 8, 2007

who will die

Though I bet there are other people who have posted about this, in other blogs, I am going to post my thoughts on who dies in Harry Potter. Yes, I've read them. And, I am betting my thoughts on this will be wildly unpopular. Celtic Rose has already verbalized her opinion to me on this. I have invited her to post a rebuttal on her blog. If anyone has not read the books, or seen the movies, stop here, because some spoilers will be inserted. No new book info, though, I am not that priviledged a person.
I think Harry is going to die. I think he should. It is the only way that we can know for sure Voldemort is dead. They are a part of each other. If Harry didn't die, there is always hope that Voldemort will come back, and the death eaters know it. They will stalk him his entire life, trying to bring back their dark lord. What kind of life is that for a person? It would suck!
Now, maybe she has some hocus pocus up her sleeve that lets Harry die, then come back. I don't know. I'd be kind of dissapointed if she did that. After all, no one else has gotten to come back, and if anyone could do it, it would have been Dumbledore.
Yes, I know that children the world over will be mourning him, as well as the adults. Yes, it might be traumatic. But, not everything gets to have a happy ending. And who is to say the ending isn't somewhat happy? Everyone is safe, Harry is a (dead) hero, and his friends will all probably live lives of prospertity. Ron and Hermione will name their first child Harry. He will always live on. But, in my humble, probably dark opinion, Harry Potter should die. There, I've said it. And no, I was not struck by lighning or swallowed up into the floor.


Bubblewench said...

Harry it shoud be - I agree

CamiKaos said...

Eh, I won't say i agree, I won't say I disagree but I will say it has been made plain and clear how a wizard comes back from the dead, horcruxes... it was the center of the last book... you have to be one evil frickin sob to make a horcrux... fracturing your soul and all.

I think I will post a blog this week touching on another topic in the last book.


David in DC said...

Remember back in the Wizard of Oz, when the Munchkins sang that the witch wasn't "...only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead?"

I don't think Dumbledore is "most sincerely dead." I still think Snape's gonna turn out to be good and that Dumbledore let him "kill" him for a purpose.

I think the good guys are gonna win, mostly.

Rowling says two important characters will die in this one.

I'm betting: (1) Snape, after he's proven to be noble and (2) Ron or Hermione, because something tragic is gonna happen, we know that.

CamiKaos said...

David: It's like you live in my head.... I have to believe Snape is good and that he did what he did FOR Dumbledore and to prevent a child from committing murder, and I think that a good gy will kill him thinking he is evil and they will be wrong... but all that will be covered on my blog tomorrow. I am with you on Ron or Hermione...

I have other reasons for thinking she won't kill of Harry, I will get into those too...

Oh it is so soon!!!

mielikki said...

BW: welcome to the 'kill Harry' club.

Cami, and DiDc- Interesting theory, DC get's bonus points for referencing the Wizard of Oz. I'll be curious to see who gets killed. I think Snape is obvious a choice. But I could be wrong, it's been known to happen.

sybil law said...

I like Snape. I don't think I am as into Harry Potter as you guys (I've only seen the movies which is weird for me as a reader), but I think Snape is freaking cool, evil or not.
I think Harry will die. It seems like that's always been the setup from the beginning with those movies, anyway.
Anyway, it wouldn't kill me either way. I think the movies are great, but I am not going to be heartbroken if he dies.