Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss?
I do.
But that got me to thinking. About first kisses. And I have come to this conclusion. There is a first kiss. In my case, it was in 3rd grade, when Bobby Randall chased me into the tunnels, and his friend held me down so Bobby could kiss me. (Bobby, if you ever find this, I am still mad!). Bobby had a black tooth, and I thought it was catching, and I was going to grow a black tooth.
My conclusion, you ask?
That even though his lips met mine, this did not count. I was NOT a willing participant.
Flash forward to 7th grade. There was a new boy in school, Chris. Brown hair, green eyes. It was crush at first sight. For BOTH of us. In a few days, I was his 'girlfriend'. Not like that involved any time spent together. But one afternoon, he kissed me. A quick peck on the lips, took my by complete surprise. I didn't even have time to react to it before he was gone. I broke up with him the next day.
Conclusion? It was a surprise attack, with no real emotion beyond it, doesn't count.
Alright. Ready for the third leap? It was the last day of my freshman year. The seniors had just graduated, and I had played, with the band, for the graduation. 'Drummer boy' had been my crush all year. And finally, on an empty football field. My first "real" kiss. Then, I never heard from him all summer. That's ok, it was wet and slimy, anyhow.
Conclusion? Yeah, it counts. I was a willing participant, and I knew he was going to kiss me. Was I dissapointed? Yeah. Did he ever kiss me again? Once, but it was no better. We did become good friends, though.
Now I am into a new kind of first kisses. The first kiss you share with someone who you really like. Though it ended all wrong, the first time my ex-husband kissed me, it was like every neuron in my body lit up. There was no violin music or leg curling and that stuff. It just lit me up. I smiled for days. So did he. We were inseperable after that. Each kiss that followed was nice, and enlightening, but none were ever as good as that first contact we made. Like our fate was sealed, with that one, long kiss.
Sadly, as I mentioned, it ended all wrong. We were to young, and we changed in ways that the other could not, or would not accept.
I've had more 'first kisses' since him. Some have been the first, and last kiss. Some have been okay, nice even. Enjoyable. But the current of the electricity wasn't the voltage it should be. Recently, I've had another first kiss. And I have to tell you. It sent my heart racing. For the first time, in a long time. And the electicity was just the right voltage.
And, unless I am mistaken by the dazed look in his eyes when he is done kissing me, he feels the shock, too.


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