Monday, July 23, 2007

Andy Rooney

Now, I don't sit and watch 60 minutes on any kind of regular basis. Sometimes, when my TV is on as background noise, it just happens to be what's on.
I'd had music on all weekend long. Doing stuff around my house. Sitting out on the balcony reading HP. ect. ect. By Sunday night, I was ready for a little TV noise.
At about 7:55, I looked up, and there was old Andy Rooney. "He's still alive?" was my first thought. I thought he looked old when I was a kid. Now, he just looks downright ancient. But, he obviously still has a brain. His rant this week was about the silly flavors that the food industries are delivering to us. (He hates Vanilla Coke, btw.)
Then, it hit me. Rooney was giving, for all intents and purposes, a spoken blog. Really. Think about it.
So many of his rants would make a perfect blog.
So is he our blog grandfather? I would hesitantly say yes. Sure, all his posts would be rants, but that's ok. Occasionally, he pops out sentimental stuff, I've heard. I have not paid attention to him in years!
So, next Sunday, at 7:55, maybe I'll wander over and give a listen. Oh, wait. I'll be at work. But the rest of you might go check the old codger out.


Bubblewench said...

I love Andy Rooney and yes, he definately could be considered the grandfather of blogging... awesome.

David in DC said...

Cut-and-paste and enter Rooney heaven.

CamiKaos said...

i love the word codger. I had about 15 minutes so look I am all HERE and shit...

Mimi said...

What an interesting point that he basicially verbally blogs.

I also didn't know he was still alive.

sybil law said...

Andy Rooney - he is sooo grumpy. But grumpy doesn't bother me at all. I also cannot believe he is still alive!