Friday, July 20, 2007

the happiest place on earth. . . again

How about one more DL post, since CK, and family, including DK and NK are all headed toward's that bliss, very early tomorrow morning.
I've been to a few of the 'happiest places on earth'. Enjoyed them, too. The creepiest one was the Tokyo Disneyland.
I went there with my friend, Todd, right before I was due to be shipped home. I'd lived in the land of the rising sun for 2 years, in a small town called Yokosuka. It was about a half hour train ride to Tokyo. We got a wild hair one Saturday morning, and off we went.
The first thing we noticed was how freakishly clean the park was. Not one wrapper, goopy ice cream, or anything on the grounds. We searched everywhere.
And, the food. Well. nothing so bad about that, it was "normal" for where we were at, we ate reasonably happy.
We did the usual things, bought the mouse ears, skipped around the (clean) park. They play disney tunes over loud speakers. In Japanese, of course. By the end of our day, we were singing its a small world in Japanese, ourselves.
What freaked us out the most, though, was the haunted mansion. We waited in line, with all the other people, giggling and laughing. We both love the haunted house. We commented, a time or two, on the fact that we hadn't seen any other "round eyed" people in the park that day. But didn't fret too much.
We got into the ride, buckled in. Immediately, things went dark. And overhead, the whispering started. In Japanese. (duh). But it was freaky freaky freaky. This smooth, whispering Japanese voice that talked the whole time. My imagination got away with me. . . I clutched Todd's hand, trying not to worry. Wondering, if the whispering voice was telling all the other riders "kill the round eyes, remember Hiroshima" ect. ect.
Matters did not improve when we started passing little scenes where slanty eyed ghosts and goblins were hovering over their kill. Their kill? All had 'round eyes'. Yes, they did. All caucasians.
Uhm, hello! Can I get off now? Todd and I were strangely silent during that ride, and when we got off, we headed, without word, right to the exit gates of Tokyo Disneyland. Never to return. . .


Bubblewench said...

ok - laughing out loud... too funny..

DaddyKaos said...

No hot tubs filled with ramen?

mielikki said...

No, but I did go to one of the famed "hot baths" (Ofuno), and had lots of sake. The water was so freakin' hot I was only able to tolerate sticking my feet in. It was boiling, I swear it was. . .

sybil law said...

Yeah - that really is freaky.