Tuesday, July 31, 2007

grill meets girl

Another male, inanimate object has made his way into my life.
This weekend, I went and got myself a new grill.
I think I mentioned this down in the meme of eight.
Its a wonderful grill, especially for apartment living. My balcony has three walls, and a ceiling, so a real grill, that uses charcoal, wouldn't be prudent. Unless I wanted to burn the neighborhood down and get charged with arson, and stupidity. Then, it'd be perfect.
So I always get gas grills. Over the last years, I've been getting those tiny, cheap, portable thingy's. And they never last a whole summer without going belly up. They can't tolerate the demand I put on a grill, I guess.
So I went shopping this weekend. It started out rough. One place I went to (that I'll never visit again) tried to sell me an expensive grill, but couldn't sell me the gas for it. Because the ONE person in this ENTIRE HUGE STORE with the keys was out to lunch. I won't be shopping there, again.
When I called to bitch about it to Celtic Rose, she sent me in the direction of another store. I called them, to see if they had an assortment in stock. I was promised by "The BBQ guy" that they had such an assortment, that I could choose from "feeding one person, to feeding the U.S. Army". As if I'd feed the Army. (Go Navy!)
So away I went, prepared to vent my spleen on the hapless "BBQ guy" if he had exaggerated to me. I got to the place, walked in, and made a beeline for the area I supposed the grills would be in. Oh, magical grill heaven! He wasn't lying! Grill's as far as the eye could see! Quickly taking it all in, I zero in on what I want. I touch, look, lift out the grill plate. I found the perfect grill. And it has a cute little stand, with wheels, that makes it the perfect height for me to stand and cook at. Plus, the stand converts to a wee dolly for the grill, in case you want to take the grill on a walk.
The best part? He went and got mine, and two other people wanted one, too, and mine was THE LAST ONE! Ha! I got there just in time to save my little grill from being unloved by those other people. (For they could not love him, like I do.)
Since he has come home with me, I've used him every night. (that sounds pretty sordid.) Steak the first night, teryaki pork chops the next, and last night? Gorgonzola burgers. And every night with the meat, I have, without fail, grilled corn on the cob. My absolute favorite thing to grill. I should just go out and grill corn on it and have that for dinner, alone. Maybe, I will. Hmmmm
Now with my penchant for naming inanimate objects, I feel it's not right that my car, my alarm clock, and even well, Herman, has a name, and my grill doesn't. It's a Weber grill, and I don't like that name. (Or Potsie, for all you Happy Days fans.)
Here is where you all come in. Name the grill. Seriously. Send your suggestions, and I'll put up a poll for the week. You can all vote. (like enough people read this to really make a landslide, but whatever. . .). The poor lonely grill needs a name.


Moonbeam said...

The first name for your BBQ that comes to mind after reading how much you like grilled corn is....

Cornwell the BBQ

Then I thought how bout...

Cornealius the BBQ
Cornicopia the BBQ
Bart the BBQ
Homer the BBQ

or how bout something with a G...

Greg the Grilling Machine

mielikki said...

laughing. Those are all excellent suggestions, moonbeam!
I have a co worker named Greg, and now I won't be able to look him in the eye!

DaddyKaos said...

How about T B Que? I never though of naming mine.

CamiKaos said...

William. his name should be William.

Maybe when you visit you can help us name ours... though he is on his last leg...

Bubblewench said...


David in DC said...

Bob E. Cue

Bill the Grill

Gil the Grill

Phil the Grill

Barbeque Bob

Ken the Barbiecue

sybil law said...

I like Dave. :)
It's just a nice, unassuming name.

DaddyKaos said...

OK, since it is a Weber, NanaK thinks the only name it could possibly be is Peter Parker. If that is too obscure, just call it Spidey.

mielikki said...

you guys are great! So many good names to vote for~

Dioscuri said...

I was going to say Bill the Grill but someone beat me to it.

"Vent my spleen" is not used nearly enough in everyday conversation.

mielikki said...

soo now that I have all these great selections, it won't let me put up the poll. I'll try again tomorrow!