Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potty bit me!

There are no spoilers in this post. No one get their panties in a bunch.
I merely wish to point out, that I was innocently reading away. I want to know who died, damn it! And that book, the one that millions have been waiting for, that got delivered here at about 1:30 this afternoon-

It reached out, and gave me the paper cut from HELL! It still stings, half hour later! I think its a plot by JK Rowling. She knows I think Harry is going to die. So she told my book to bite me. Heh. I bite back.


Travis Erwin said...

Now when someone says what did you think about the new Harry Potter book you can honestly say, "It Bites!"

mielikki said...

ahhh haaa haaa
you really can't hear me laughing, but I am!

Mimi said...

Bwhahahahahahaa, I'm laughing at that comment too!

I finished it, when you are done, I'd love to tawk!

Bubblewench said...

good one.. I'm done reading it.... you? I'll email you with comments later. Can't talk til CK reads it.