Thursday, July 5, 2007

Let Down

I am usually a pretty good judge of character. I make aquaintences pretty easily in real life, have some really great friends. I like most of my co-workers.
Last night, I got to work with someone "new". This person has been a nurse for years, on a different floor. Usually works day shift. I have always thought he was a together nurse (I still do). He seemed like a nice guy.
News to me. He is a gigantic ASS! Really! Spent all night listening to him blather on about things, constantly talking over people, never letting them have an opinion. Heard more detail about his life than I cared to know, including the fact that he is cheating on the woman he's been married to for years. They are separated so that he could have his "space". Dropped innuendo's all night about his multiple "female friends". I think he was a lounge lizard in his previous life! He's a Drama King, to boot. Any story or anecdote that another person talked about, he had to top that story with a worse one of his own.
AND, the only time he'd really let someone else talk was when he was trying to get them to spill juicy details on other co-workers lives. People I have known, and worked with for years. He was dying to know the dirt. I don't play that game. I never will.
He isn't a bad nurse, but he is a shit of a person. I'm dissapointed. Must get my people radar in for a tune up I guess. . .


CamiKaos said...


sybil law said...

Ewww... that sucks. You should just make up some really, really stupid stories that are really, really boring about all the co-workers. Like, "Well, Nurse X really likes to basketweave, and she makes the most scandalous baskets! She weaved RED STRAW through it, which is of course a sign for a "loose" woman!".

Bubblewench said...

you never know what someone is like until you take 10 minutes to talk (or listen) to them.... At least now you know.

Syb - you so crazy!

Celtic Rose said...

Thanks for the warning . . . I will look for him should he pull an exra shift when I am working.
I am really sorry he turned out to be an ass. Don't feel too bad, we were both wrong. Maybe he has a cloaking device or a jamming device that screwed up our radar.
I like Sybil's idea! Tell him I have several husbands all over California and Mexico, yea, in Scotland and Ireland too! Ha! That's not far fetched at all!