Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tag, I'm it

So, here are the eight things that most of you may, or may not know about me. CK tagged me with this, and I, in turn, will supposedly tag eight other people with this. Problem? I know about the same eight people that CK does. So, if your reading this, consider yourself tagged. Celtic Rose, Kali, you two, for sure. Kali can answer these questions on the "First do no harm" blog. Sybil, if CK didn't get you, I just did. OK, now for the fun part. I will continue with CK's foreign numbering thing, as well.

Une: I took up knitting a little over a year ago, and when I am stressed out, it relaxes me like nothing else does. Its like taking a xanax sometimes. If I can get half and hour, at least, to knit, I can deal with ALMOST anything. And they let you bring knitting needles on a plane, which is a beautiful thing.

Deux: I always have my grandmother's wedding ring on. My Dad got his mom's wedding ring after she passed away. Its just a thin, plain gold band. She had big fingers, like me. It just sat around, collecting dust. One day, I picked it up, and put it on. Its been on my hand every day since then. I rarely take it off. Only when I am doing something that is going to get my hands dirty. It is always on. Has been for over ten years.

Trois: I have a strange relationship with Oranges. When I was a kid, I had an awful case of strep throat. Mom plied me with orange juice, and oranges, trying to boost my immune system, I think. It just made me sicker. After that, I refused to eat oranges for years. Two years ago, I picked up an orange, and ate it. Then, because it was so good, I had oranges for breakfast for months. Even while I was in Paris, I was finding Oranges to eat. Same with Orange juice, but only if its fresh squeezed.

Quatre: I name my cars. They NEED names. They need to be loved. I once drove a big, huge, banana yellow Ford LTD. His name was Elvis. After that, I had a small, blue, Ford Escort. Her name was Priscilla. No, I did not name the next one Lisa Marie. Her name was mielikki, actually. Because it was dark green. My car now is a red SUV, a Saturn Vue. Her name is Veruca Salt. She's lovely. And she loves her name.

Cinq: I hate wearing shoes. Barefoot is the way to be. And I NEVER wear high heels. I consider them an instrument of torture. The last time I wore a pair was for my middle sister's wedding, and I had them off as soon as decently possible.

Six: Laundry is my nemesis. I hate doing it. I like having all my clothes clean, but I hate the process! I will procrastinate doing laundry until I am down to the strangest clothing combinations I have. I just can't stand it.

Sept: A stuffed cockroach named Scurry lives atop my monitor, and watches every move I make. Yes, I borrowed it from the hospital. I took in another stuffed animal in return for it. No one wanted to give Scurry to a sick kid. So, being a sick kid myself, he came home with me.

Huit: I don't eat anything that has to be dropped into a pot of hot boiling water, alive. I don't care how good you all say it taste's. I just can't do it. Can you imagine dying that way? They say lobster's have a small brain, like that is some excuse for having it die in excrutiating pain. I'm just saying. . .


Mimi said...

Good counting in French - I'm impressed!

And, orange juice - I only crave when pregnant, so twice in my entire life.

Cool about the ring.

We name our cars too, I drive Wolfgang (want to guess what he is?). LOVE Veruca Salt.

CamiKaos said...

I read that if you put your lobster, crab whatever in the fridge it slips painlessly into a coma like state. Then you can boil it guilt free.

But if you think that what they do to a lobster is any less cruel than what they do to a pig or a cow you're fooling yourself. Animals are killed in horrible ways for us to dine on their flesh.

mielikki said...

Yes, your right and I know that, in my own way. Its just, well, I don't know. The coma thing intrigues me though, I might have to revisit that. . .

Rachel said...

I currently drive Mr. Miyagi. It's a silver foreign car so I thought that it fit.

I love orange juice. But oranges don't taste as good as they did when I was a kid. Must have something to do with the pesticides or something. They are more bitter.

I don't eat shellfish but for a totally different reason. It has to do with a commercial that I saw and it grossed me out so I can't eat it. Even thinking about eating shellfish makes my stomach gurgle.

Bubblewench said...

Ummm meat. Yummy.. Lobster tails.. pigs - bacon...

I drive Lil' Blue. Sometimes knows as Lil' Blue Taxi. I used to drive Roo Roo, but no more. And a few others before that too.