Monday, May 21, 2007

A funny thing happened on my way to the park

So, while we were in NYC, my Mom was kind of hoping that she would get to see someone famous. On our second day there, we went down to Central Park, to get my sister her much desired carriage ride, and to find John Lennon. During the ride, there were a pile of limo's outside of Trump's lovely skyscraper of a building across from the park. Some dark haired man came out, and signed autographs, and left. The whole time, our exited Irish carriage driver was asking us "who is it? who is it?" Well, how should we know! Its waaaay over there! I couldn't tell. I snapped a picture so I could zoom in on it at home, but I still can't tell. Whatever. I don't really care about celebrity sightings, anyhow.
About 20 minutes later, we were standing around across the street from one of the fancy hotel's across from Central Park. Same scenario. Piles of limo's, and about 6 beefed up Escalades. My Mom was DESPERATE to see who came out. Another 20, boring, wasted minutes later, another person no one really recognized. Though my sister swears that one of the people was from CSI Miami. Don't care, don't watch it. FINALLY we get to move on. We are passing the Donald Trump super sized building again, and my Mom, God Bless her, has to stop and take her 8 millionth picture of the building. I keep walking, bored. My arm rubs someone elses, and I look up, into the eyes and face of Ty Pennington, the guy on "Extreme Home Makeover." Yes, I watch it. I love seeing those people get new houses. I liked him on Trading Spaces, too. He grins, says "Hi Guys" and keeps on going. "Hi!" I parrot back at him, middle sister says "love the show", and we just keep going, too. We never stop walking. Mom catches up, and we tell her who we just saw, and she whips around, scanning the crowd. She says she saw the back of his head, and is still talking about his tiny ass. I think she missed him, completely. She went on the rest of the day, bemoaning the fact that we didn't ask for a picture or autograph. I'm not that kind of girl. I actually think that the famous folk of our world deserve some downtime, some time to just walk unmolested through a park, or eat a meal out without the masses pestering them. Plus, it was only Ty Pennington, for pity's sake. De Niro he isn't, capice? He was the only "famous" person we really encountered, and that was fine with me. After all, I didn't go to NYC to celebrity stalk.


Rachel said...

I haven't ever met anyone famous. I don't really care to either. There isn't really anyone that I would be starstruck over.
Except for maybe Daniel Craig. He might make me stutter a bit.

Mimi said...

I'm glad she got to meet someone famous.

Bubblewench said...

When I lived there I would see people all the time.. but that was over 15 years ago now.. it was cool. And I agree, they have lives and need their downtime too. I never asked for anything or bothered them.

The best was when I was sitting eating pizza, and this guy sat down next to me at the counter, and ate his pizza, as he was leaving I took a good look at him and it was Ray Davies from the Kinks, one of my favorite all time bands... I will never forget that one. It was the best sighting I ever had.. next to David Byrne in Portland, OR at the Rose Garden, the one with real roses, not the basketball one.