Tuesday, May 29, 2007

don't take any wooden shoes

There is an all new low to reality TV. Sadly, I didn't think it could get any lower.
We have shows aplenty with people finding their "true loves" in six weeks or less. I've seen an advertisement for a new one of those where a tennis player gets to choose between women in their twenties, or women in their forties. Trash. But that's not what I am talking about.
We have shows where people (supposedly) entertain us, and we get to (supposedly) vote on whom we like. So that they'll win. (supposedly.) Popularity contest. But I can easily ignore those, so, that's not what I'm talking about.
Then we have those crazy fools who go off into the middle of nowhere, or multiple places somewhere, and have to survive. You all know what I mean. Or they are racing, or they are doing stunt junkie stuff and eating things we are not meant to introduce to our digestive tracts. I can avoid those all together without a problem. (If only my mother didn't call frequently to see if I'm tuning in! "No, Mom! Go pick up a book!)
What I refer to is another installment in the disgusting medical reality realm. Some Dutch asshat (I love that word) has decided its ok to have a reality show where the contestants win, wait for it, wait for it
A KIDNEY. Yes, a human kidney. It seems all the contestants need a kidney transplant, and they have one to offer. Makes me wonder if they are going to do the urban legend at the end of it, snatch some dutch ho off the street, and "borrow" one of hers.
"Waiting for an organ is like playing the lottery" sez one of the asshats from the TV network. Easy for her to say, she isn't the one waiting, is she? Nor is she the donor. Bitch.
Which brings me to another disgusting point. The donor has a brain tumor herself! And, she gets to listen to the stories of three whole women and their families, then decide who gets her kidney. So. Lets take the kidney from a woman who is almost certainly dying, anyhow, have a contest with anyone who matches with her kidney, and let HER decide who gets it! I hope she isn't PMS'ing, or none of those women resemble her husband's ex lover, or something like that. Need doesn't matter, the person who might be at the top of the list doesn't matter. This is TV, people! Lets make it a contest! What's next, I wonder. A blind person gets to interview death row inmates and decide who gets to be pardoned?
So now I pose a question to the few of you who read any of this. Does anyone think this new twist in a reality show is a GOOD thing? Anyone want to debate the issue, and take the side of the asshat TV network who says that this will bring more attention to the need for more donors? I promise I won't call you an asshat. Really, I won't.


David in DC said...

I first heard the epithet "asshat" on the Don & Mike Show.

It's now one of my all-time favorite deprecations.

Thanks for helping popularize it.

Rachel said...

That is horrible. I can't imagine being on reality T.V. at that point in my life and making it a contest?
Where has compassion, morality and respect gone to?

So sad.

CamiKaos said...

I tried to comment yesterday but I was too disgusted... just too disgusted.

In fact, I still am.

mielikki said...

Didc-glad to do my part to spread the asshat deprication. If only I could use it at work without getting into trouble.

Rachel and CK. I feel exactly that way, also, disgusted, disquited, and saddened.

sybil law said...

That's gross. Unnecessary. Idiotic. Pathetic. Fuckingstupid.
It just pisses me off.