Friday, May 25, 2007

Store bought foam

From a post I've done earlier, you all know I have issues with foam, on the top of coffee.
Don't get me wrong. I like the foam. I drink the foam. I just don't need pictures in my foam. (That's reserved for my Guiness, and, only a shamrock. It makes sense, right?). The latest thing that has set me off on foam again, is this.
I was doing the dreaded post vacation shopping. The one where you have to get everything, because you let your cupboard's run dry before you left, not wanting food to spoil and all that. I was winding down, just perusing the aisle's for any missed or desired items, and catching up with Celtic Rose, who also happened to be in the grocery store. (Hey! Did you see the Quakes over there! New flavors, new sizes!). Glancing over, I see sour cream. I need that, for the tamale's that have been living in my freezer for about 3 weeks now. Next to the sour cream? You guessed it. They are selling foam for the top of your various coffee products. It comes in cans identical to the whipped cream cans that we all love to suck down when no one is looking. (Admit it, I know you do.). Somehow, I doubt the foam will taste that good. Besides its FOAM for pity's sake. Are there people desperate enough for FOAM, on the top of their coffee to pay $2.69 for a can of it? Say it ain't so!
I think my breaking point will be if they start having competitions to see who can now make the best designs with "store bought foam."
I also want to know how they make this foam, that lives in a can. And, who decided we needed foam, in a can? Anyone that serious about their coffee usually has an expresso machine at home, and can make their own, now, "home made" foam. I'm sure its better for you. I bet store bought foam has all kinds of bad things in it. Preservatives, and other chemical's to maintain its foaminess. (Is foaminess a word?). I fear its just a matter of time before the store bought foam becomes flavored, store bought foam. What then? What is this world coming to?


CamiKaos said...

okay 2 things

1) hell yeah i suck down the whipped cream. that is the goods.

2) that is just NASTY. the foam would be cold. foam isn't supposed to be cold. Lets hope that it's a short lived product that some marketing genius thought would make market pandimonium and will actually just fizzle away... hoping hoping.

sybil law said...

That is just WEIRD.
I am not even remotely embarassed to say I eat the whipped cream from the can! In fact, sometimes, it's our dessert: fruit (usually strawberries, grapes, blueberries and bananas) on top of some whipped cream. Mmmmmmm.....