Saturday, January 29, 2011



I am grumpy today, and I have a headache.
part of me wants to just put a sign around my neck that says "leave the grumpy woman alone" and the other part of me realizes that this is probably stemming from hormones and I should just pull up my big girl panties and get over it.
Tonight is 'date night' for MM and I, so I am hoping my mood improves. I am doing my best to improve my mood.
But then I get all weepy.
Damn, how come no one warned me that pregnancy isn't for sissies?
Bubblewench, consider yourself adequately warned.


sybil law said...

Have fun on date night!

Finding Pam said...

Those hormones run a muck sometimes. I remember crying a lot. Hang in there you will be feeling great in no time at all.

I am glad that the spotting was normal and nothing to worry about.

It sounds like all is on track.

Enjoy your date night. I hope you still have them after the baby comes.

Daryl said...

Consider this a learning experience for menopause but without the baby at the end

Bubblewench said...

Hope that warning is applicable soon... thanks. :) xxoo