Monday, January 17, 2011

the list goes on and on and on and on and on.....

I am a sleeper.

I adore sleeping. I'm guessing most of you know that, and are laughing hysterically over the fact that my future now holds a tiny, squalling sleep preventer. I am so aware of that.
One of the first signs that something (ie, pregnancy), was going on with me, was that suddenly, on my nights off, every night off, I was awake, at 4 am. (sometimes earlier). So awake, that I'd eventually get up, and wander out to the living room for awhile to read, watch some TV, or stew over the fact that I wasn't sleeping.
This hasn't changed. I am usually up, and eating, somewhere between 4 am and 5, daily. People, I used to sleep in until 9 am, AT LEAST. I can't remember anymore the last time I was in bed at 9 am. (unless I've worked the night before).
So, I have these early morning hours, when the only noise in the house is my babbling fish tank. This is the time of day I feel best. So I eat as many healthy things as I can, drink some juice, and entertain myself, trying to be quiet for the others. Sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.
Yesterday, I chose to start perusing the internets, looking at baby furniture.
Now please recall, when we bought our home, we chose a 2 bedroom. Because, there was us, and MG, and its all we needed.
I love this house. Its just right for us, and I still think it is. We are not moving.
the baby will be sharing a room with us. (which, initially, it would have been anyhow, even if I HAD another room.).
This means, simply, that we re arrange our bedroom slightly, get rid of one LONG dresser that takes up too much space, and get a tall one instead, and put in only the needed necessities for the baby.
So why, then, when I start looking for said necessities, do I end up completely overwhelmed and freaked out?
Because these people, the peddlers of baby "stuff" want to make money, and convince us all that this tiny human being needs a shitload of furniture!
Seriously! If one buys all this 'stuff' they think we should have, the baby will have more furniture in the house than the other three of us, combined!
Yes, okay. Some of it would come in 'handy', for a few months. But is it all really necessary?
I think not.
And then there is the aspect of how fast the babies simply outgrow their 'stuff'. Leaving me with this barely used equipment. Like the bassinette. I am reading that they are only for the first 3 months...
So why bother? It boggles my mind. Sure, they are cute, and you can put it right next to the bed, or wheel it out to the living room ect. ect. But a simple crib, that the baby can sleep in for a few years, is just as good! And there are countless other things. Things that made my brain go splat!
In the end, I closed the laptop, and crawled back into bed, trying to get the visions of cradles, bassinettes, cribs, changing tables, laundry hampers, diaper genies, dressers, lamps, mobiles, rocking chairs, bouncy chairs, slings, boppy pillows and more out of my head. It wasn't easy.
Yes, we will end up with many of those things on the list. I actually WANT some of those things on the list.
But I need to get into a clear frame of mind to process, and imagine and plan what is needed, versus what is wanted....
something tells me this is going to be an interesting few months...


Finding Pam said...

We were so poor when we had our kids. I borrowed my sister's baby bassinette and baby bed and we did buy the changing table.

When our second one came, like you, we lived in a two bedroom home. The one thing we purchased was a portable crib. It worked out fine. Being from the old school we did purchase a nice pram that did double duty.

The baby items have changed so much since our children were born. I think it must be a lot to take in. When our grandchildren arrived I could not get over all of the cute things that had been invented just for babies. The items never end.

I know you will get just want you need. Don't let it overwhelm you. A little baby really needs very little.

Thanks for putting up the baby widget. It'll be fun watching your baby grow.

As for sleep, you can forget that anymore. I hope you have a baby that takes lots of naps.

sybil law said...

We bought, well, family bought us the awesome crib that converts to the toddler bed and then the full sized bed. We definitely used the crib, and it was awesome (but the side comes down and I'm pretty sure those are banned, now) and we used the toddler bed part of it, but still haven't used the full sized bed. (We also live in a 2 bedroom and Gilda's room is long but narrow, so she has a daybed.)
Anyway, we had the dresser and stuff (which hellz yes you need one fo sho because baby clothes are cute and fairly cheap so people buy you a ton), but I never bought a changing table and really, never needed it. I changed her mostly in our living room of the old house, on the floor. I had a whole station set up in a basket - blankets, a few diapers and some wipes. Same thing for her room. Never had a diaper genie because they're all gross and I just put the diapers in a plastic bag and they went out to the trash, pronto. My friends had the wipe warmer, which my mom almost cried about when I told her no, but my friends who had one, well, it broke, anyway, so screw those things.
A lot of it is stupid. We did have a bassinet, but only because it was a family heirloom that we were graced with. The cat spent more time in there than Gilda.
I will say this, though - after 4 months, I think you need to at least get the baby in the closet in your room. They need to learn ASAP how to sleep on their own and in their own space. It is important.
Everything else, all the shit stores peddle - it isn't necessary.

Bubblewench said...

Check out Freecycle in your area, I see so much baby stuff on there... I'm going to be using them soon (I hope!)

Just reading this post almost made me panic and I'm not even preg.

ps. my word verification is pigspit - just had to share cause it's funny.

CamiKaos said...

I wish you were closer. I have a garage full of baby stuff. Nice stuff that has been used ONCE and needs a good home.

No chance you'll be up Portland way before the little bundle shows up, is there?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Freecycle, ebay, friends, work notice boards, seriously, when you spread the word you're pregnant you'll get tons of offers. The only things we bought apart from the real basics were the cot and the pram/pushchair. We didn't bother with a baby changer, or nursing chair and all that, we couldn't really afford it, and while we had a baby bath with E we didn't with M as we just dunked her in with her big sis.
Some of the stuff is nice to have, but there is nothing you HAVE to have except a bed and car seat, and a lot of it you can decide about when you're further on or after your monkey has arrived.
Chill, you'll be fine.

Oh and 4AM!!!! Bloody hell!

Daryl said...

Get a dresser with large deep drawers and use it as a bassinette.