Monday, January 10, 2011

scattered brain cells

I had this really weird thought the other day. I know, me and weird thoughts, what's so new about that?

Nothing really. But none the less, here is the thought I had.
I wonder, do we somehow choose our own parents?
Deep, right?
Too deep for how my brain is working lately, so rather than sit and try to peruse this question, my brain went into another direction.
What if we could, with some concious knowledge, choose who was going to raise us?
And then for some reason I started considering what life would have been like had Julia Child been my mother.
(Yes, I have recently re watched the movie "Julie and Julia".)
And now?
I am watching a show about the supposed Worst Cooks in America.
What are you doing?


sybil law said...

I'm not sure who I'd have chosen for parents, if I had the choice.

Finding Pam said...

I wondered this a lot in my life,but then I realized that I am the person I am despite the people that raised me. As I have matured I know that I am OK. I decided to raise my kids in an atmosphere of love. I am proud of the sons we raised.

In a dream world, I wanted Father Knows Best as my parents. LOL! YOu are too young to remember that TV show.

Daryl said...

Reading your post and then moving along the list so I can visit everyone before I head off to hospital to sit with ToonMan .. we're hoping he will be home by this weekend .. loved Julie and Julia

Bubblewench said...

Being adopted, that is a question that I have pondered many times.. I have yet to come to an answer, but I do know that I don't think I'd want different parents.