Monday, January 3, 2011

This may be TMI for some people..

but I am going to blog about it, anyhow, so I can look back later and laugh at myself. (It should be noted here that none of this post is meant to be complaint, just observation. I am still feeling lucky and blessed...)
The first trimester of pregnancy isn't for sissies.
Not that I expected it to be. I didn't really have any expectations for it, to be honest. As I mentioned, it was completely unexpected...
My body, though, has changed the rules on me, without really filling me in on what those rules are.
Things that used to take me no time at all now take me days, if they even get done.
My breasts have taken on a life of their own. It would be great if they weren't so tender all the time. I already can't lay on my stomach.
We won't even discuss the reality of constipation, or pre-natal vitamins.
A day that I can get away without vomiting is now a good day. It doesn't happen often.
I can't even get within 3 feet of the butcher counter at my favorite grocery store, because the sight and smell of raw meat brings me to my knees. Once it's cooked? I'm kind of okay. I can't even look at raw meat on the television anymore. And the smells at work? Oh, yeah... I've been the really fun nurse to work around lately...
My sleep patterns are way off. Some days I sleep constantly. Some days, like today, I am up at 0400, eating something, and attempting to blog. (This is the second version of this post, actually).
My eating patterns have been destroyed, as well. Which is actually all the better for me. I eat much less, but much more intelligently.
I am however, sad that I can't eat sushi, bleu cheese anything, brie, or any soft cheeses for awhile. Willing to forgo them, but sad. I like those things. Every day I kind of discover new things that aren't recommended for pregnant women to eat. Thankfully, Peanut Butter is fine. Because I am a peanut butter eating fool these days.
If I can go 3 hours without needing to pee I feel liberated. That doesn't happen often.
And the decisions they want you to make! When your brain is barely functioning! All these prenatal screening things, testing the baby for everything under the sun. Amniocentesis, blood work, ect. They drew NINE vials of blood just for a standard prenatal panel! And they wonder why pregnant women become anemic. Ha! And the fears that go with all those tests. I just can't think that way. This baby will be healthy! It WILL.
The mood swings are awesome, too. Though I am usually more prone to crying then anger, I still manage both on occasion.
So, what a roller coaster. I have about 6 weeks left of the first trimester, give or take. The first sonogram is in a few weeks, where we can take measurements and figure out a little better exactly how far along I am. If I am counting correctly, I am in my 8th week, now. The baby is the size of a green olive, apparently......


Daryl said...

With or without the pimento? I am SO excited for you all .. placenta brain is the best excuse for everything/anything evah!

sybil law said...

To this day I can't eat angel hair pasta. Something about it being too skinny just made me hurl when pregnant. So weird, but true!
The worst thing about pregnancy is just not having any control whatsoever over what's happening to your body. It drove me nuts. boobs got huge and tender right away. And I stopped the prenatal vitamins, because THEY were making me sick (no matter how or when I took them). Once I stopped them, I was fine.
So exciting, though!

Finding Pam said...

It is hard to imagine that something as small as a green olive can totally turn your hormones and body upside down.

Hopefully, the morning sickness will pass soon. I had it so bad that I ate a cracker before I got out of bed. I think this means that you are having a very healthy baby.

By the time you get adjusted to one trimester you then start a new phase with different things happening to you.

It is so nice to hear about your pregency. Brings back to moments to remember. Your boobs will get better.

It is truely a miracle. Wait until you hear your baby's heart beat.

Jo Beaufoix said...

OMG Mie. that is amazing news. Blimey :D

The smells were bad for me when pregnant too. I could smell water, and our upstairs water smelt different to downstairs which seemed very odd. I worked in a school when I was pregnant with Miss M and the memory of all those stinky teenagers still makes me feel iffy, so a hospital must be...a feast for the senses.

Sending a hug, and the promise that I will try to be around more this year. xx

Bubblewench said...

This sounds freakin crazy - but holy hell I hope I'm next to go through this!