Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mini rant

Last night we decided to go get some Chinese Food.

We have a place locally we like to go, where the waiter (David) knows our name, what we (usually) like to order, and remembers even what our rice and soup preferences are.
Last night being Friday night, it was rather busy. After we sat and ordered, a rather large-ish table was sat at a round table that was only a few feet from us. They appeared to be family, and as more of them trickled in and sat down, their (loud) conversation got worse, worse, and worse.
As our food arrived, they were loudly perusing the menu, and discussing certain things like whether or not glass eyeballs were removable, surgeries, and Sh*t. Sh*t in meat, to be exact. While we were eating potstickers.
They proceeded to get more, and more obnoxious in this full restaurant, and when they had decided what they were going to eat, the older woman of the group began to shrilly shriek for David, by name. Obviously neither noticing, nor caring that David was taking care of multiple other tables. Meanwhile, the two sullen teenage boys of the group were busy backtalking their parents.
Poor David finally got to the shrieker, who proceeded to scold him "Where were you? What took you so long?"
"Uh, its Friday night in a busy Chinese restaurant, you old hag" is what I would have answered.
David, being a touch more diplomatic than I, just kind of laughed her off and gently pointed out the busy-ness of the place. She was not deterred, and proceeded to order for the entire table, instructing David, and each other person in how their meal was to be served, and what veggies to leave out or not, ect.
Thankfully, we were pretty much ready to leave at this point, being as MG and I had a hard time eating around all their inappropriate dinner talk of surgeries, eyeballs and Sh*t. Since MM can't hear out of one of his ears, he was lucky enough to have missed most of their verbal diarrhea. They were loud enough that he caught some of it, though.
As we left, I paused, next to their table, very, VERY tempted to loudly thank them for ruining what had started out as a nice dinner for us, with their disregard for every other patron within a 20 foot viscinity of their vile conversations.
One thing stopped me. Well, maybe two. There were kids at the table, and I tend to not be a bitch to other peoples children,
and, had I gone off on them, it would have just drawn more attention to their already obnoxious table, and then they would have spent the next 10 minutes trashing me, and taking it out on poor David, who was stuck with them. They would not have even thought that their conversations, or behaviors were inappropriate for a small, family dining restaurant.
So I left, quietly.
I hope to never see them again, though, or I may not be able to hold my tongue..


Finding Pam said...

Manners have all but gone by the wayside these days. I have to agree with you that bad behavior runs a lot of nights out for a lot of folks.

I think you held it together quite well considering the facts.

sybil law said...

I hate people. They'd have known what I thought of them, for sure.
Being a hermit has its benefits.

Daryl said...

GAH .. I am sorry you didnt have morning sickness for them ..