Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The month of Love

I've always been a fan of February.

And not just because it's my birthday month. Matter of fact, you'd think I'd like it less because of that.
But no, I think this is a great month. Its short and sweet, and is jam packed full of things to celebrate. Along with my birthday, we also have MM's birthday, and of course, Valentine's Day. I miss being a kid, and having that big, construction paper heart receptacle hanging from my desk, that the other kids would put those small, white envelopes in. Because we lived in a small town, most of us had limited choices of Valentines, and we'd give out the same kind as at least 2 other kids. But we didn't care.
And I love the conversation hearts. Those chalky, silly things. It's not VD without them....
The one thing I don't love about February is the weather. This is usually the month of the most inclement weather. One year, it snowed so much on Feb. 13th that a tree fell against the house. THANK GOD, the top barely grazed the roof. But still. It made digging out on VD a pain in the arse. And it's been years and years since I've celebrated a birthday without rain. Or snow.
The sun is actually shining today, which is kind of misleading, I think.
What I am really looking forward to, this month, as well, is finding out what gender our little Hun is. I am NOT looking forward to the method, though. I can admit it, the Amniocentesis is scary to me. Not scary enough that I won't go through with it, because it's important. But a needle? That long? *shudder*.
I am a nurse for a reason, it's much better to give, than to receive, and I hate being on the receiving end!
Even the spelling is great.
Happy month of Love, everyone!
(Oh, and I wonder if that poor ground hog isn't frozen into his burrow this year! Poor thing :)


sybil law said...

I like February, too, overall. V Day is fun with a kid - otherwise - meh.

Daryl said...

Icy here .. and I love February too .. its my birthday month and it almost always snows on THE day which to me as a kid seemed like another gift .. now not so much but I am disappointed if it doesnt at least snow a little the week of THE day

Bubblewench said...

You make it sound like fun.. I forgot all about how much fun it really was when we were kids.

I do hope you share when you find out the sex!