Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, which usually belong to the Queen...

So, I didn't do the Queen's Meme this week, but I spend most of my time living in her dungeon, bribing Homer, the palace dog, with Baklava, anyhow.

This weeks theme was all about 'spring flings'. I have to tell you, I am just not a 'fling' kind of girl. I never really was. So the questions I was answering were all kind of horribly boring, so I ditched the whole thing. Instead you get the boring meandering of my mind after a night of being 'charge nurse' of the ICU. Lucky you....
I was working last night with some of the nurses who were working with me the other night when I discovered that blog that mentioned not being a great nurse until you were a parent. 2 of my co workers are also not parents, one of them is. We all decided last night that it was, indeed, a huge load of crap. Then we started talking about all the fun people whom we've worked with in various places that think the single people, or people without children should be working the holidays. Before MM and MG, I had actually had some nurses say to me
"But you don't HAVE a family, you could work all of Christmas!"
Dumb asses.
We decided last night that from now on, people aren't to be sick on holidays, so that we can just close the hospital and everyone can be home for the holidays. So remember that. No being sick on holidays. It sounded good to us, anyhow.
I should also report that I shaved Angus already this year. Poor little kit, I did it much to early, and he's been freezing his little tail off ever since I did so. It was so bad that one of my friends, Mrs. Kilt, is threatening to crochet the poor cat a sweater. I actually feel guilty. He will love it when the weather is warmer, though.
Well, the only noise I am hearing now is my bed calling me. Happy Tuesday, all


Bubblewench said...

I'm with you. No illness on holidays! Ever! Hope you get some rest. :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think Mimi won't give you bread and water this week.

sybil law said...

Happy Tuesday!!
Poor Angus. Hahaha

Mimi said...

I agree with that rule.

Daryl said...

Hear ye hear ye .. the proclamation is no more sickness on or around holidays at any time of year!!!!