Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Story Monday

its another story. I think I've been officially Darylized. This is a short one..

At least I hope so.
To see the picture of whence I speak, go here.

Laura cursed, frantically, trying to type faster, and faster on her Phone. She had a bid on a gorgeous silver toe ring on Ebay and she didn't want to lose it! She didn't even look up as the foot traffic flowed past her, so intent she was on her bidding war. Whomever 'surftart 211' was in California was, Laura hate, hate, hated her!! She was sure California was the land of sunshine and toe rings, and that surftart could walk out her front door, then down a block to the toe ring shop and choose from thousands of them. As for Laura, well. Sure, she lived in NYC, but finding the perfect toe ring was a difficult thing.
So she stood there, bidding, back and forth, back and forth. At some point, the money ceased to matter. It was the principle of the thing. Surftart was not going to be wearing her toe ring!
In the end, though, it wasn't to be. Laura stood, tearful, and considered the distance she could throw her orange clad phone. Then, one of the street vendors walked up to her, and said
"Haven't you ever heard of bid sniper?
It took the doctors 2 hours to dislodge the cell phone from his mouth. She'd shoved it in that far.
As for Laura?
She's sitting in the mental hospital, on a 72 hour hold, without ANY jewelry, and her thumbs are still working frantically, in the air...


Daryl said...

Fantastic! You are so good, I should give you the photo on Saturday so I could link you to it when I post on Sunday nite!

How funny is it the Word Verification is house which made me think of the TV show and the doctor who is also insane ..

Fireblossom said...

Poor Laura!

sybil law said...


who said...

took me several seconds after reading, but I did smile. Walking down a block is easier than up one.

Bubblewench said...

Love this one! Nice job!!