Thursday, April 8, 2010

things that make me go

I rarely blog about my nursing, but, bear with me, because I have some thoughts.
Recently I found a blog of a student, now almost ready to graduate, nurse. I really can't tell you how I found it. I just did.
She posed an interesting thought on her blog, about how someone told her she wouldn't be a great nurse until she was a parent.
In all my 13 ish years of nursing I've not ever heard anything like this. Honestly, though she certainly didn't mean it this way, it was rather insulting. I did not have the luck to meet MM at a younger age where we could, realistically, have children together. That, accompanied with the fertility issues the women in my family share make it kind of hard for me if I were to consider having a baby. (We are not having a baby)
but does this mean I can't be a great nurse?
I have family, and friends that mean the world to me, that I am VERY attached to. I have empathy for every human being laying in a hospital bed. I always stop and think of what I would want to see/hear/experience were it MY family in that bed.
Sure. I haven't birthed a child. MG is, for all intents and purposes, the closest I am going to get. She is my daughter by another mother ;).
But adding her to my life didn't make me a better nurse.
I have lots of patients who think I am a great nurse. They tell me, and I love that. Granted, I've also had a handful of crazies who think I am the devil incarnate. But those are few and far between. Really, I have a pretty high happy rate with those I take care of.
may have to ponder this more.
Any thoughts on this out there?


Mimi said...

I think that is total bunk, and I have kids :)

sybil law said...

People are fucking stupid.
And especially know it all, know nothings.

Dumb theory.

Bubblewench said...

I don't think having kids makes you a good or bad nurse one way or another. I think it's compassion and desire to be in the health care industry. I bet whomever said that to her isn't a nurse.