Monday, April 19, 2010

Tell Me a Story Monday

So, Daryl put up another good picture, go look here, then enjoy the story....

The four sisters stood on the corner, arguing over who was going to tell their father that they had just used his credit card to pay for one thousand dollars worth of cosmetics.
"Your the oldest, Julie" announced Rachel loudly, clutching the bag, and scuffing her red sneakers onto the pavement. Looking down, she regretted, once again that she had chosen the socks with the green tops on them.
"So what if I am the oldest" scoffed Julie, scowling. Her sisters always used that excuse to get her to confess when they were in trouble. "Katie is his favorite, if she tells him, then he will not even care, probably".
"Yeah, Right" answered Katie, clutching her phone, and wondering how long it was going to take her to ditch her sisters and go meet up with Eric at the main gate for Central Park. She was Daddy's favorite, but she had better things to do then take the fall for a bunch of makeup that Molly had to have. "I don't see why I should take the fall for Molly" she said, voicing her complaint out loud.
Molly, deep in thought, studied the ground, and admired her brown boots, and hol-y jeans, at the same time.
"I know", she finally announced. "We'll blame mother".
"Excellent!" her sisters proclaimed, "fantastic idea!" and with that, they scattered, each in their own direction, to enjoy what was left of the warm day, without any of their family getting in the way...


Daryl said...

Loving it .. and interestingly across that street from where they were standing was a SEPHORA!!!

sybil law said...

Ha - Nice!