Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Darylization

as usual, go here for Daryl's photo source...

She'd caught his eye immediately, with her maroon lipstick, and long locks. They spoke, briefly, and she'd thought he was pretty cute, too. Numbers were exchanged, texts were exchanged. They had a lot in common. Before long, they were seeing each other, daily. And when they were not together? Texting. Incessantly. Before much longer, he moved in with her...

The fight had started badly, he said that she said but he said, then they both said.
You get the drift.
They left their apartment, because they'd been told the last time they'd argued that if the cops showed up again then they were both going to go to jail. And neither of them wanted that.
They had also discussed separating, but, when things were good, they were very, very good, but when they were bad they were horrible.
They were trying something new this time, though. They agreed, once they were on the street, that they would use no spoken words.
Texts only. That way, the public would not know their business, and they would think more about what they were saying. Because they had to type it out.
The problem with thinking too much is that you can do some serious damage to your relationship because you can think of some pretty terrible things to say. And despite how good things were, they were never going to work again, because she broke things off, right on the street, via text message, while standing less then ten feet away from him....


sybil law said...

Good for her! He looks like a tool.

Daryl said...

Sybil's right..

Love it and I love that you and Shay see things so differently ... as do the others who leave short storyettes in my comments .. it makes me feel so good to inspire stories with what I snap!