Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Queen Meme Tuesday

Easter has come and gone. But I'll bet you have stories to tell! We present: The Peep Peep Meme. I feel a sugar rush coming on....

1. What does Easter mean to you (if that is not too personal)? Easter means the Resurrection of Christ to me.

2. When did you last go on an Easter egg hunt? Did you find anything? I help hide the eggs now. Then I have to help hunt for the ones we hide too well...

3. Your favorite celebrity is dressed up in a bunny outfit and about to jump out of a cake. Who is it? Kenny from South Park

4. What is the most unusual thing you've ever done with Easter eggs?This is going to sound pathetic, but dye them. I was over thirty the first time I dyed an egg. My Mom didn't do that with us, we got the plastic kind. Always.

5. What's your favorite color of peeps? Burnt

6. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? I AM the Easter Bunny...

7. Imagine: You are invited to the White House for the annual Easter egg hunt. What surprise should President Obama put in each egg for the kids? Certificates for a Teeth Cleaning

8. What's your favorite kind of candy to eat at Easter? Those crunchy malted ball eggs

9. Have you ever dyed eggs for Easter? Twice, now

10. You have just found a genuine Faberge egg worth millions of dollars. Would you keep it or sell it for cash at auction? What would you do with the money? Depends on which egg I found, some of those Faberge eggs are amazing

11. Do you have an Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it?
Show us a picture of your hat. Nope. No bonnets, no colored eggs

12. Please share any special Easter memories or traditions you have with us. I usually make a special Finnish Easter Bread, called Pulla. You can make it at any time of year, but to me it is especially good (to me) at Easter time..

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Mimi said...

Happy Easter! I hope you enjoyed your pulla!

Mimi Lenox said...

What is wrong with you people?!! No hats here either??

Queen is in a very bad mood.
(but burning a peep is such a kind thought, don't you think?) Did you get that idea from Coopernicus? I think he started the massacre!

mielikki said...

I never had an Easter Bonnet to begin with, you'd have to take that up with my mother!

I've been burning peeps for years...

Finding Pam said...

What do you do with the burnt peeps afterwards? I think only older gals wore Easter bonnets because it was in style then. LOL

I wore a hat to church as a kid, but since I was a tomboy it was very hard for me not to want to stop the thing to death!

Melissa Lynn Shell said...

We burnt peeps this year. Great fun!