Monday, January 28, 2008

Spice World

It seems like each week that goes by, despite a physical therapist who doesn't do a whole lot for me, my right hand is FINALLY beginning to act like it should. Each day that goes by, it gets better. I still have trouble lifting things that require some wrist twisting, but it's getting there.
I'm still home from it, though. I am not going back to work until Feb. 18th. I think a wee bit of the stir crazy is starting to settle in. A good kind of stir crazy. The kind that has you doing things, like
furniture re-arranging (the need to do it runs in my family). I did that a few weeks ago, actually.
And, a little something I like to call kitchen madness. I was sitting here Friday, just looking, and the thought crawled through my head. "My kitchen. It's cluttered." So I pulled everything off the counters, cleaned, and re arranged it all. I even put new tinfoil covers on my burner plates. But what really made me crazy was my spice rack. I've got one of those spinny ones, with a place in the center I find handy to keep cooking utensils. It's a nice spice rack. A few years old, only. But have you ever really looked at all the spices they toss in there? Ones that we just don't use that frequently? Like Celery seed. Or Marjoram. Sure, they get the occasional use. But nothing like the cinnamon, or oregano. Well, I started going through my spice rack, dumping all the old spices, washing each glass jar. And I even relabeled them, and filled them with the things I use on a regular basis. While I was doing that, I emptied out the cumin container. Can I just say, I HATE the smell of cumin? I really don't like the spice, as a whole. Now, all you cumin lovers don't get in a twist. I know it has its uses. And thats fine. As long as I don't have to smell it, or taste it, it's all good!
What I love, is the allspice. After I dumped the cumin, I opened up a fresh allspice to erase the demon smell from my kitchen. Fresh ground nutmeg is good, too. Or Cinammon, in a pinch. But nothing beats the allspice.
So I am happy, my kitchen is happy, and, my spice rack is now a little more cohesive.
AND I got a new camera this weekend.
All is good in my little spice world.
How about the rest of you? If you comment, I'd like you to also tell me of a spice you love, or love to hate.


holly said...

if coriander were a person, i'd find it *very* hard not to punch it in the face.
seriously, coriander, i hate you.

is dill a spice? i don't like pickles at ALL but i love dill spice in a meatloaf. mmmmbaby. but if someone tells me to spice something, i first toss in garlic salt, then onion salt.

unless it's toast. then it's cinnamon. if cinnamon was a person i would snog him.

i think i need to eat dinner now.

Anonymous said...

What is it with Cumin. Other than the erotic spelling ...

I dated a girl who couldn't stand cumin and I wonder if it's some kind of genetic thing. It's really unusual to me how I run across so many people who have such an aversion to one spice. I would be more understanding I guess of "Indian" spices, cumin, corriander, paprika, ginger, cinnamon, but just one to me is a little different. I don't understand it.

Other than that you're normal.


Vanda said...

Take my garlic away from me and I wouldn't eat a lot of things ever again. Oh my goodness I'd miss my steak.

Are you reading my mind women? I am going to go through my kitchen like a whirlwind tomorrow. I hate having stuff on the counters. Everything is either be going put away or tossed. I'm going to be brutal.

mielikki said...

Vanda- I loooove garlic, as well! I couldn't cook without it. And, maybe we are just channeling some kitchen energy back and forth. Tomorrow I am tackling the pots and pans cabinet. Look out!

Jef- define Normal! :)

Holly- Coriander was actually one of the spices I pitched, because I hadn't even taken the protective layer off the top of the jar. If I don't use it in two years, I probably never would.

Lauren said...

I agree, I hate all those extra spices they give you with spice racks. What a waste. I know you already cleaned up, but maybe others will want to know about a new spice bottle organizer for your kitchen cabinets, called SpiceStack. It has 3 drawers and holds 27 spice bottles from the grocery store, so you never have to smell the evil spice again if you don't want to! Best of all, it keeps all your spices in the kitchen cabinet where they'll stay fresh and out of sight.

Check it out at and Happy Organizing!

Lori said...

I couldn't live without cumin. I use it in all of my Mexican recipes. I have all sorts of weird spices, I love to throw a little of this and a little of that in everything.

Bubblewench said...

Coriander - can't stand it... ick... wanna come clean my kitchen?

DaddyKaos said...

Oregano, Ginger, Paprika, all must haves in my kitchen. But also cumin for the mexican side of me. But the most important has to be the garlic granules.

NanaKaos said...

Love cinnamon, can't use it. It does terrible things to my body inside and out. I sure miss it. Do you know how many things have cinnamon in them? Most of all apple pie. Damn. Cinnamon Rolls, home stewed apples. Oh man. So we don't talk about it. But I do miss it. When was the last time I had good cinnamony French toast?I guess I go drool in my corner. Nanakaos

mielikki said...

NK- I just made french toast, you must be omnicient. I put in cinnamon, and nutmeg. I'll think of you next time. . . sorry you can't have cinnamon :(

DK- garlic GRANULES? egads, man! Use the real thing! I am a fan of ginger, as well.

BW- I would love to come clean your kitchen, but it seems my energy spurt is over, for the moment.
Lori- I frequently spice things up willy nilly. But I just cannot get past the smell of cumin. . .