Thursday, January 3, 2008

If you say it, you OWN it

This idea has been percolating in my head for awhile.
It's actually an expectation. A high expectation, but one that I have, none the less.

I firmly believe that if you say something, you need to back it up. If you give someone an ultimatum, follow it. If you make a promise, fulfill it. If you have called someone out, follow it through.
This just doesn't happen much anymore. I see so much back-pedaling in this world it's a wonder to me that the earth is not spinning in the opposite direction on it's axis. Seriously. And because I've been seeing it more, these thoughts have been bouncing around my head for a few days.
Now, yes. There are times when unforseen circumstances can prevent someone from being able to do what they said they were going to. Illness, accidents, ect. And as far as opinions go, sometimes we get the wrong information, then have to revise our opinions when the "full picture" is presented. That's normal, every day life. I can live with that.
I also really like healthy debate. It's okay to disagree with someone, and converse about it! I have one friend at work, G. He and I like to sit there and play devils advocate with each other, usually sometime around 1:30 in the morning when the patients are (supposed to be) sleeping. It's great! We never argue, or get mad, or take it personally. We discuss things. Sometimes, I change his mind, sometimes, he changes mine. Usually, we agree to disagree. But it's all good.
What keeps me sane is this. I surround myself with people who can live up to this expectation of mine. I don't think it's an unrealistic desire of mine to know people like this. My real life friends all own what they say, and for that matter, so do my bloggy friends, from all I have read and seen. So why is it so hard for other people? Why can't people just stop and think once in a while about what comes out of their mouths?
Yes, I know. I am asking too much, right? Oh well. I will just stick with my friends, and try not to expect too much from the rest of the world. . .


DaddyKaos said...

Perhaps you didn't notice but the world (at least this country) is spinning in the opposite direction
and has been since the first dickwad announced that he (she) was running for president. None of them ever try to or want to back up what they say (evidence Huckahick by saying he would not release his negative add and then make it available to the "net").

sybil law said...

DUH - people suck!
Not you, but other people.

holly said...

i'm *totally* with sybil. all people. except us bloggy-friends. and our kids.

ALL the others.

but i'm also with you. i like it when there is discussion, but that people are willing to see your point of view. i'm in britain, and get a lot of 'you're american, you're stupid and don't know what you're talking about.' oh c'mon. let me *prove* i don't know what i'm talking about before you dismiss me, dumbass! (the british person) (the ones who give me hassle)

sorry. kind of went off there. i'll go now.

mielikki said...

Holly: No! don't go! Come back, come back!

Syb: yeah I know they suck, but can't they even defend their own opinions? jeez

Dk: So if we are spinning the wrong direction, what is everyone else doing?

CamiKaos said...

can I agree with sybil and holly?

That's wht I want to do.

Bubblewench said...

That is a total expectation of mine as well. BIG TIME. I hate it. Drives me crazy. Scott didn't get that at first, and we had a few 'incidents' but now he gets it.

Also probably why I don't really have many friends.

sybil law said...

I love a good debate, and I can't stand it when people get all crazy defensive over shit. It makes me nuts. But actually, I don't usually think before I speak. I think I just have a modicum of common sense, and most people nowadays don't.

holly said...

oh i wouldn't stay away :)

and also, what happens if i *now* agree with cami? is it gonna get circular?

sybil law said...

So now, I agree with Holly and Cami.
I am starting to get dizzy!

mielikki said...

I agree with ALL of you, and I am always dizzy. How's that!