Saturday, January 19, 2008

80 minutes I'll never get back. . .

Mustang Girl is up for a visit this weekend, and brought along her sister, Emo girl. We've been having a good time, watching the antic's of two thirteen year olds, even got them hopped up on sugar tonight.
This afternoon, we took a short trip into area's of better snow. EG being a 'city girl' hadn't really gotten the chance to play in snow since she was a young child. A time was had.
Dinner consisted of sushi. Not just any sushi, but extremly good sushi served at Kaido, a downtown Podunk restaurant. EG wasn't too into the fish, but MG enjoyed it, thouroughly. Thankfully, Kaido offers cooked meals, as well, so EG did not waste away to nothing.
So what are the 80 minutes I will never get back, you ask?
I have one word for you.

Just don't do it. Don't even bother. As a matter of fact. Don't even rent it. Don't even bother watching the previews. If I could find the producer of that movie, I'd make him reimburse MM for the money he spent for the 4 of us getting in.
I will admit that 30 days of Night was actually worse. But not by much.
My response at the end of the movie?
"That was F*ed up".
EG's response? "That Sucked"
MG's response? "That really sucked"
and MM? Just sat there for a moment, staring at the screen, in what could have possibly been disbelief. Or, perhaps, relief that it was really over.
Don't do it. Just don't. You'll thank me. Just. Don't. Really. Don't.


Anonymous said...

Another case of marketing being better than the movie.


mielikki said...

Jef-The head blowing off the Statue of Liberty has been totally overplayed on TV. Was it kind of cool? Yeah, but I've seen better.
Oh and I forgot to tell you over on your blog. Mielikki is easily shortened to Mie; lately most bloggers are chosing to use that! Whatever floats your boat is good with me :)

holly said...

i've never even *heard* of it that's how well i'm avoiding it.

sometimes being in the uk is a good thing.

Lori said...

I don't know why they keep making these movies. They're just not good! I like a good freaky movie, but they just don't seem to make good ones anymore.

sybil law said...

I didn't even think it looked good, but I can't believe how many people seem to want to see it!
Anyway, damn I have a lot of blogs to read tonight! I've been away... nowhere fun... just. not. reading.

sybil law said...

Oh wait but YAY on the visit! Sounds like fun! :)