Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I guess this one is about Football

So it's officially a new year, now. Lots of hung over people running around, lots of shopping people running around. Lot's of hung over shopping people running around. Also, there are the bright eyed optomistic people who made new resolutions at midnight last night. I give them 2 weeks, at the most. (See, I really am the grinch that stole New Years.)
But, the holiday's are over! And I am done holiday blogging. Yes, I really am. Now, lets see. What to blog about. . .
tick tock tick tock. . .

Oh, here's something.
The regular season of American Football is over, and we are headed into the playoffs. The family pool was exiting this year, a couple times I beat everyone in the family. More often, they beat me. But still, I managed to stay ahead in the standings of Older Sister, (whom I will now be referring to as 'Peanut', that nickname courtesy of MM). MM played along with the pool "unofficially" and beat me by 10 games for the whole season. Next year, he is going to enter the pool "officially". We are having "wild card" games next weekend, to see who else is going to lose to the Patriots this season. Is anyone else besides me sick of Tom Brady and the Patriots? Last year it was all Payton Manning. I wanted to play a drinking game, where each time they said "Payton Manning", everyone had to take a shot. And if they showed Payton Manning, 2 shots. I would have ended up hospitalized if I played it, though, and I don't think there would have been enough booze in the United States to play that game. I am sure my liver would have protested.
This year, it will all be about Tom Brady. And the Patriots. Whatever.
My team, whom I've loved since I was a kid, the Miami Dolphins, sucked out loud this year. They did worse than the Raiders did last year, to my ever present shame. They won ONE GAME. Yep, that's it. One stinking game. I think that the Baltimore Ravens gave them a sympathy game. If they didn't, they should be embarrased that they lost to the Dolphins this season. Seriously embarrased. Oh well. I just smile, and wait for my team to finish "re-building". (Should be sometime next century).


holly said...

football, you found me. i came to britain to escape your madness, heavily inflicted upon me by my brother, and his chicago-bear-loving ways (one might almost think "stalker") but here we are.

although i *do* like the shot game. for a non-child-having me.

DaddyKaos said...

No Brady, No Romo, I'm sick of the both of them, just give me an underdog this year. Let's get back to the Steelers.

mielikki said...

Holly: come visit me in the republic of Cali and we will play the shot game with Tom Brady


Mimi said...

I'm sorry about the Dolphins. The Seahawks are in the playoffs this year, and while I don't particuarly follow football (I'm a baseball girl) I do kind of watch at them. However, I suspect they will not make it to the Super Bowl.

Bubblewench said...

What DaddyK said... And ok, like I said, for you I won't trash the Dolphins. I admire you for sticking by such a team.

And I'm so tired of Brady and Romo, and if you live here in Philly, McNabb. Enough already!

I'm all over the shot game. I'll let you know when I get hospitalized with alcohol poisoining, should take about 10 minutes of ESPN.

sybil law said...

Yes, when the Bugles can beat the Dolphins, it's a sad day, indeed. :)