Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Naan gyros?

Damn my local, favorite grocery store!
the ones with the awesome butcher counter, and all the good, organic stuff I like to buy. The one with the Americone Dream ice cream. The one with all the really good wine in it. The one with the cashiers that actually have a sense of humor. The one with Kalamata olives, fresh, in their deli.
They had everything I wanted today. Everything to make one of my favorite dinners. Thinly sliced, lean beef* (sliced right in front of me, to the specs I want it). The cucumbers and greek yoghurt to make the sauce. The greek seasoning. What could go wrong, you ask?
damn them! Curse SPD!
So, being the improviser that I am, I bought some Naan instead. So,anyone interested in a Greek/Indian dinner?
Should be interesting.

*yes I know gyro's are usually made with a combination of lamb/beef that has been ground, seasoned, refrigerated, lovingly shaped into a "loaf" and then slowly rotisseried to golden perfection. But that takes forever, and besides, I like the way these turn out with lean, thin beef. So sue me. . . I am not Greek. My relatives are not the ones rolling over in their graves because I dare to call them gyro's. And Zeus may well send a cyclops after me for making them with Naan. But whatever. I can take him.*


CamiKaos said...

we make faux gyros too.

Marcus said...

It's all about the tziki

DaddyKaos said...

We just call it mystery meat and have chicken gyro's instead, but Marcus is correct, it is all about the tadziki.

sybil law said...

Oh but I LOOOVE Naan! Good stuff. I think they'll turn out great!

Mimi said...

I, too, love Na'an.

mielikki said...

I have to tell you all, the Na'an ROCKED the gyro. We both agree it was much better than the pita.
And for the record, I make awesome Tziki sauce.

doc normal said...


Surely you have heard of this family tradition:

holly said...

oh yes. naans are the way, baby. i can't wait until i reach goal (w/watchers) and get to have the occasional bit of bread again. naaaaaaaaan!

mielikki said...

yes I have heard of the Na'an dawgs. I was telling MM about them last night, and now that I have discovered that the SPD occasionally carries Na'an, I may well be making the dawgs as well. . .
Holly- I can't wait for you to get there, either. Do they sell Na'an in Wales?

MM said...

These were freaking awesome, and I didn't even have any problems walking the next day. I tell you what, when Mie cooks, she uses only the best ingredients.