Thursday, January 24, 2008

sandwiches and the need to smack people with pickles*

I put myself through nursing school with the help of the GI bill (Go NAVY!), and, working at a Mini-mart. I started in the deli of said mini mart, where the specialty was broasted chicken and potato's, and of course, deli sandwiches.
Does anyone else beside's me notice the summer trend of having deli sandwiches for dinner? Deli sandwiches made in a mini mart? No? Yes? It's true. I can attest to it. Whole families, coming in with huge sandwich orders. It got to the point where I could make sandwiches at the speed of light. Then, before my shift would end, my own mother would call, wanting me to bring home deli sandwiches for dinner. Which would make me grumpy, because, the last thing I wanted for dinner was a sandwich from my own mini mart. Worse? If she didn't want the sandwiches, she wanted the broasted chicken. Greasy, broasted chicken. My mom makes really good fried chicken, and why she wanted mini mart chicken, I will never know. My first summer working there, my clothes that I wore to work actually drew ants.
We used the generic, pre-sliced dill pickles for our sandwiches. The kind that fly across the room, extremly well. And stick to the wall. Little pickle frisbees. When someone used to bog me down with ridiculous sandwich orders, I would envision throwing said pickles at them, and only being satisfied when a pickle would stick to the middle of their forehead, like a third eye. Of course, needing to keep my job stopped me from actually ever realizing my dream.

*this is what happens when I ask MM for any, random blog topic. Go over to his blog if you want to read something interesting today.


MM said...

The ones covered in ketchup and mustard would always seem to find their way to the walls of the McBurger Arches place when I was a kid. Fantastic.

DaddyKaos said...

We used to get a pint of chicken salad from a great deli (not a mini-mart)for our commute home when we worked in SF. That and some crackers.

That's as close as I can come to taking home mm sandwiches with frisbee pickles.

Anonymous said...

I like posts like this. Little peaks into people's lives.

My wife likes pickles. I'm ambivalent.

i like fried chicken too.


mielikki said...

mm- I seem to recall that, as well.

DK- I love chicken salad on crackers. Sometimes, that's what I'll have for dinner.

Jef- yeah these odd little posts are fun. I am a fan of of the sour dill pickles, myself. And while my Mom does make good chicken, mine is better ;)

sybil law said...

Making fried chicken is WORK, and in the summer - ewww. That's why she didn't make it! Damn I love fried chicken. Wah. Now I want some!
My first job was at Subway, and I know I could still make those sandwiches super fast. I hate getting anything from there now because I know I could make it better. Mmmm.
I think I am hungry and should eat!

KiKi said...

Time for a midnight snack. Chicken salad with pickles on whole wheat toast. MMMMMMMMMM

holly said...

mini mart? that is nacho land! oh i have just marked myself - i haven't been there since the late 80s early 90s.

i *hate* pickles. if god had wanted us to eat them, he'd have made them taste nice.

david mcmahon said...

O champion sandwich maker of the universe, grace our home with thy presence!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hee hee, I love the image of the third eye. And how did you know the pickles stuck to the wall? Bad Mielikki. :D