Monday, October 15, 2007


Every kid has a favorite toy to play with. There is always something that they won't put down for hours, days, months. Something they don't really want to share with the other kids that come over to play, because they are afraid it will get hurt/maimed/burned down ect. ect.ect.
I'll admit mine now. It's sad. But consider the time I grew up before you judge me, please.
Yes. I was a barbie whore.
I had all kinds of barbie's, and their accoutrements. I even had a Farrah Fawcett Barbie with the big head of hair. One of her hands kept falling off, but I still loved her. She was the barbie I didn't want to let anyone else play with.
I had blow up barbie furniture for her, and everything. I had a TON of barbie clothing. It seems like thats all I cared about, clothing and furniture. She never got the horse, the car, or even the Ken doll, really. Who needed Ken? She had cool clothing and furniture. And, she was Farrah Fawcett!
I had regular old Barbie, too. And her sister. (Skipper? I think that was her name.)
We had a swimming pool for awhile, and as my love for Barbie faded, I used to take pieces of styrofoam, and put nekkid barbie (and Farrah, and Skipper, and whomever else I had) on these styrofoam rafts and float them around the old pool. Anyone driving past the house that could see the pool would get a chuckle at 3 or 4 nekkid barbies enjoying the sun.
I don't remember what happened to my big, pink, case stuffed with barbie goodness. I hope it magically found its way to another ready for its charms. But I doubt it. It's probably rotting at the bottom of a dump somewhere.
So this begs the question. What was your favorite toy, and where is it now?


sybil law said...

Did you have the Barbie that tenned? You could put stickers on her and she would literally tan! That was really my only favorite Barbie. Even as a kid, you knew there was something not quite right about Ken (what, no penis? that's just craaaazy...)
My favorite toys were crayons, first and foremost, and stuffed animals. My first stuffed animal being Jo-jo, a stuffed bear I wore down to the stuffing inside. He was named after the Beatles' "Come Together". Niiiice. Haha

CamiKaos said...

Mine was a yellow teddy bear. She is currently in my mom and dad's storage room with a babydoll sleeper on her to keep her poor leg and arm from falling off.

mielikki said...

Syb: my barbies didn't tan, I put them out there more for the shock effect it would have on our elderly neighbors.
CK: I still have my favorite stuffed animals, they live in my hope chest. One of them is a kitty made by Grandpa's mother.

MM said...

I had a huge moving box full of I.G. Joes, yes, I.G. Joes because my little nephew could never say G.I. :)

I use to take them apart and put them back in cooler combinations, I would also come up with a new and more interesting modes of transportation, which oddly enough, some guy in Sweden made a real version of. DAMMIT! (Darth Vader pose) The last I heard, all of my I.G. Joes were being played with by my friends sons whose mom sold everything they owned to buy herself a new coat.

DaddyKaos said...

My guess is that your Barbies made it to the swap meet in Hanford along with all my baseball cards (I died in Vietnam don't you know) that A. Tuna sold (it included a pristine Mickey Mantle rookie card among other valuable items).

Unknown said...

I was a lego fanatic. Still am. So much so that every time I buy lego for one of my girls, Mrs. T questions my intentions.

But MAN, what cool stuff!

Lori said...

I loved my Barbies. Especially Jem and the Rockers! Oh how I longed for the mansion. I still have my dolls. My oldest daughter used to play with them and now they are back in the big plastic case waiting for the youngest.